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Webroot provides a user-friendly user-interface. You can easily manage all the webroot applications from a single place. It also protects your device from ransomware. It is a kind of malicious file that enters your device and blocks all your data. It also threatens to delete all your data. In order to retain your important data, you need to pay the ransom. However, Webroot protects you from ransomware as well.

Webroot Download - Webroot antivirus provides multi-layer protection to your PC. It also protects your computer from all the advanced definitions of the virus. In this article, we will be learning the steps to uninstall Webroot antivirus.

Steps to uninstall Webroot from Mac PC - Webroot Download

If you have Webroot Download in your Mac PC then you can uninstall it from the given steps:

• Open your Mac PC first by pressing the power on button.
• Once the PC is opened, you need to go to the menu icon.
• Afterwards, go to the Webroot icon available on the screen.
• Once you reach to the Webroot icon, go ahead and click on it.
• Furthermore, you need to select ‘Shut Down SecureAnywhere’ from the drop-down menu.
• In the next step, you need to select ‘confirm’ if prompts to shut down SecureAnywhere.
• Now, go to the ‘Doc’ on your PC.
• Locate the ‘finder’ icon and click on it to open finder on your Mac PC.
• Afterwards, you need to open the ‘applications directory’ which is available on the left side of the windows.
• Now, you need to drag the Webroot SecureAnywhere icon to the trash, which is available at the doc.
• Finally, you need to click on the ‘uninstall’ option to confirm the delete.

Steps to uninstall Webroot from Microsoft Windows 10 - Webroot Download

We have discussed the various steps to uninstall Webroot from Microsoft Windows 10:

• Move your mouse cursor to the down left-corner of your Computer Screen.
• Furthermore, click on the windows icon available there to get the menu.
• Now, you need to select ‘setting’ from the opened menu list.
• Afterwards, you need to click on the ‘system’ in the opened window.
• A window will open, once you click on the ‘system’ option.
• Afterwards, you need to ‘select apps and features’ from the left pane of the opened window.
• Now, you will get a list of installed applications on your computer.
• From here, you need to select an app that you want to uninstall from your computer.
• Furthermore, you need to click on the ‘uninstall’ which is available on the screen.
• Lastly, you need to click on the ‘uninstall’ to confirm the uninstallation process.

FAQ - Webroot Download

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