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by on December 11, 2018

The 1099-MISC tax form is needed to report to the IRS the funds, paid in the special cases. The person may file several templates per one year. Their number depends on the payments he or she wants to report. According to the information, available at the official website of the Internal Revenue Service, it is important not to mix up the Miscellaneous income template and Wage and Tax Statement. Remember, that they are used for different purposes. The 1099 tax sample is filed when the individual has to report the several types of payments, that are made in the course of trade, business to the person, not employed with your business or the funds, paid to royalties, more than ten dollars or more than six hundred dollars in compensation. Send the sample to IRS and to the receiver of money.

What is the 1099 Form Deadline?

As every tax form, this sample has the deadline. The latest time you can file it is the thirty-first of January. For example, those who report payments for 2018 need to file tax samples for this year till the end of January 2019. Send it to the people you make payment to beforehand, as you may have problems with the fail postal address. It is better to send the sample by electronic mail. This way it will be faster received and you will know that it was not lost as a paper copy can.

What is the Best Way to File the Form?

Everyone, who appreciates the time and money knows, that nowadays the best way to file the document is doing it digitally. I highly recommend you to try a cloud base online solutions like PDFfiller or FormSwift etc. Its library contains the fillable forms with the ability to change the needed information and save time not refilling data that remains unchanged. Additionally, you can send the template by e-mail directly from the solution.

What Information is 1099 Form Contains?

The document takes a half of a page, but the number of various payments to be reported in it can mix you up. Let us look at the sample component closer to understand their purpose. The document contains the following information:

  1. - The address, full name and contact number of the payer.
  2. - Both payer’s and recipient's TINs.
  3. - The name and full address of the payment received as well as his/her account number.
  4. - Next, starts the part itemizing sums. First of all, it contains rental payments or royalties. The royalties are connected with the oil, gas, mineral properties, patents or copyrights.
  5. - Next go the type of income, not covered by the form cells and the federal income tax withheld.
  6. - The fishing boat proceeds and medical and health care payments are included in the sample as well. Include them, if they are applicable in your particular case.
  7. - The non-employee compensation and earnings, connected with interest or dividends are also provided with this document.
  8. - Those who have the crop insurance proceeds, as well as excess golden parachute payments, need to include them in this document.
  9. - The state tax payment details are included at the bottom of the form.
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