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by on June 11, 2015
Tangled hair, difficult to comb, unmanageable, lost pins inside the hair, split ends and a complete unruly mop. If you relate to every single aforementioned feature, then you probably have the beautiful dream and nightmare of having curly hair. And what is worse than curly hair, hair that is neither outrightly straight, neither curly, that is wavy hair. Constant frizz, consistent bad hair days and limited hairstyles are just one of the few problems of people with wavy hair. And no matter whether curly or wavy, humidity remains your biggest enemy. Your hair is most of the times unruly. And that most of the time is all the time. It seems your hair have a mind of their own and are a separate entity, doing whatever they want to right on your head. To all who can relate to the above mentioned problems, rebonding is your dream come true. Rebonding is basically a process used in salon to straighten curly hair using a chemical that relaxes the curls and straightens them eventually. If you have hard to manage, thick hair, then rebonding can make them pretty and manageable.

Rebonded hair needs extra care and attention though. One of the problems is how to wash hair after rebonding. Some precautions that one needs to keep in mind while washing the rebonded hair are as follows:

Say no to hot water: Hot water is to rebonded hair what water is to fire. The combination is nothing short of fatal. Always shampoo your rebonded hair with cold water to keep them luscious.

Use a hair conditioner always: Say a big hello to hair conditioner. In fact, hug it the way you will hug your best friend because hair conditioners are extremely important for rebonded hair. It keeps the hair intact. Use a leave-in-conditioner every time you step out.

Use a clarifying shampoo: A month after rebonding, it is advised to use clarifying shampoo so that all the residue is washed off.

Use a wide teethed comb: Hair brush can cause damage to your mane. Use a wide teethed comb to detangle your hair.

Do not blow-dry and never tie: Recite this five times because this shall be your mantra. Tying your hair or blow drying them can cause severe damage which might be irreparable.

Apart from this another common question is “how often should I wash my hair”? The answer is not very often This might dry you hair leaving it frizzy and dry. Wash hair after every 3 days rather than regularly. Do not blow dry or towel dry. Let your hair dry naturally. Visit to know more about taking care of your hair after rebonding. The site provides you complete guide about managing hair after rebonding. Therefore, visit soon for more details.

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