Sunknowledge Inc
by on December 17, 2018
Sunknowledge Services Inc, the medical billing and revenue cycle management organization of the United States of America, formed in the year 2007, has played an important part in the modernization of the business of medical revenue regeneration. We, since then, have dealt with all the premiere medical practice firms of the states with special emphasis on prosthetics billing. Prosthetics mean specially prepared artificial objects for external use in order to improve or modify physical attributes. It falls under the DME category and contributes largely to the total economic revenue of the medicine market. Hence the importance of prosthetics billing cannot be overemphasized.

The Essential Features of Prosthetics Billing as Practiced are as Follows.

100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance, 97% Accounts Receivable collections, 70% reduction in billing expenditure, free and dedicated accounts managers all the year round, low service fees that includes no hidden cost, service fees as low as $ 7 per hour including the prior authorization fees, a free 30 day trial period without any binding contract on the clients, real-time audits and custom reporting, excellent references by top clients of our’s across the states, free medical billing software, real-time eligibility checks and fast authorization, claim status analysis using Rapid Automation Technology and turnaround time less than 48 hours. Our prosthetics profile includes objects like splints, bards and braces, shoes and insoles, collars, corsets and supports, bandages and calipers and prosthetic knees etc. The process of our prosthetics billing is explained as follows. Rx Order entry followed by Patient Demographics and Insurance Entry, Product Code/ Rx and Dx entry, Eligibility Verification/Authorization, Collection of complete Rx, Collection of documents for Auth Approval, Submission, Rejection and Denial management, Accounts Receivable follow up. The account managers of our’s are working all the year round to meet the various requirements of our clients. Since we work on stand alone as well as end to end basis, our prosthetics billing service portfolio brims with an eclectic mix of work. Do visit our website to know more about us.
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