Richard Porter
by on December 25, 2018
Wood is an ideal material when you want to construct a beautiful pergola in your backyard. It looks elegant and adds value to your property. It is a perfect place for friends and family members to sit together and enjoy a barbecue party or celebrate the new year. Wood is something that is easy to work and affordable. Almost endless customization is available when you pick wood as your base material. It gets adjusted with any other material and seamless blends with every style. You can get the tool easily, and it is equally easy to find skilled people who can make it easily. The only limitation of wood is that you need periodic sanding and repainting to keep it in good condition. What Types Of Wood Are Ideal For Pergolas? You have a variety of choices available when you wish to erect a pergola using wood. Since the pergolas Adelaide is built in the outdoor where it will face adverse climatic conditions, you should choose a wood that is durable. The wood should be capable of resisting weathering and insect manifestation. Want to know about a few wood types that can be chosen for pergola construction? Here are a few: Redwood Redwood is not only attractive, but it is very sturdy material. It lasts long and faces climatic adversities better. Also, it gives a soothing natural wood color to the pergola. Ipe It is a tropical wood that can withstand salty climate also. Hence, it is better in coastal conditions. Due to its beautiful color, it adds value to your property. Cedar Like Redwood, it is also a sturdy wood that withstands the climatic conditions effectively. The only difference is that cedar changes the color and becomes grey whereas redwood retains its charm longer. However, cedar can be painted and kept safe from wear. Synthetic Wood Synthetic or pressure-treated wood is an inexpensive alternative. However, it lasts long if treated with copper-based pesticide. Sometimes, people use synthetic wood as the base material and then cover it with redwood. Thus, you get a long-lasting service. By following this method, you get the elegance of redwood without overspending. Experts say that whatever wood you choose, it is essential, to maintain it regularly. You need to check the manifestation of insects and do the needful to control it. Thus, the pergola will give you long service and add value to the property year after year.
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