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by on January 1, 2019

There are many top digital marketing services that are evolving in 2019 and businesses need to adopt it in order to be on the top of their competitors. Here are few digital marketing trends that will work to make the business generate traffic as well as profits.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence has given a lot in implementing new features, this technology has come to live much easier. AI in digital marketing will help the business by analyzing the search criteria, buying behavior, programmatic advertising and other consumer data from social media sites. Thus, digital marketing services Atlanta helping businesses to grow and provide the customer with what they want.

Video marketing: The importance of video marketing has reached on top when we see in terms of consumers as: *70% of them share videos. *72% of businesses have improved their conversion rate through video marketing. *65% of the customer goes to check the website after watching videos. *Live videos are gaining a lot of popularity as a business are using them for product demos, the life of the office, how products are developed in it etc. Word-of-mouth Marketing:

Word of mouth marketing relates to focus on the key leaders to communicate brand message to a large audience as it is very effective to attract the customers. An influencer can be anyone blogger or an actor. As people give more attention to other people opinion and makes a try.

Marketing through social media apps:

Social media apps will be forever tool for marketing about the brand, product or service. As there are 1.3 billion active users on Facebook and WhatsApp. This shows the growing demand for these social media apps that has given a platform for businesses to market their products.

Visual search:

Visual is also a great feature as users need to upload an image and will get all the results as consumers can search as from which site they can get the similar product to buy it online, product price comparisons and other local shopping results.

Voice search:

The emerging trend of voice search has made it easier for the consumers and given other feature to market the product according to the user's query. As it will give all the user audio content data. Recently dominos have started voice search feature to give value to the customers as well as to increase sales.

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