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by on January 3, 2019
Not that long ago it was excruciatingly painful to edit a Word document on the internet. But currently, a number of free platforms and services enable users to create and edit documents on the web. Let’s check out the best online document editors that are available: Best Platforms for Creating and Editing MS Word Documents Online Word Online The best platform to edit a Word doc is no doubt, MS Word. Apart from being a desktop app, Microsoft has also released an online version that comes with the OneDrive cloud service. Check out the process listed below to upload and edit a Word file using Ms Word Online. Navigate to Log in using the Microsoft account username and password. Or else, sign up and make a new account. Go to the Files sections. Click the Upload button. Find the file you want to edit. Double-click on the document. The upload process may take a few seconds. When the file gets uploaded, you will be able to see it on the dashboard. Open it. It will launch in Word Online. The UI or Word Online is similar to the desktop variant. However, you will not be able to embed items and charts. In order to create a fresh document, just hit the New button and choose Word Document. Google Docs Google Docs is a fantastic platform for collaboration and editing documents on the internet. However, it is not as rich in features as Word Online. Navigate to Sign in with the Gmail account. Go to the Start New Document tab. Select Blank. Choose File. Click on Open. Find the document you want to modify. Double-click on the file. Make the edits. Google Docs is a fantastic alternative to Word Online. Also, its sharing option makes collaboration extremely easy. One can check the edits in real-time and provide comments as well. Zoho Writer If you do not want to use Word Online and Google Docs, then Zoho Writer is your next best alternative. Find the process for creating and editing Word document on Zoho Writer below: Navigate to the Zoho Writer online website. Sign in or create a new account. Now, go to the New Blank Document section. Click on the File tab. Choose Import Document from the drop-down menu. Upload the document you want to edit. Zoho Writer comes with a slew of features that are present in other word processing platforms. To find the features, go to the menu, and the editing tray will pop up. Robert Williams is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Samuel has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as SOURCE –
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