Jason Skelton
by on January 14, 2019
Ever tried a prostate massage  ​? If you have, you’ll know how pleasurable the experience is. Because the orgasm you get is intense. It lasts long, and it feels good. Not to mention, it’s clears semen from your body. So you need to get into the habit of massaging your prostate. And this is something we’ll help you with. Below is a 4-Step guide on how to do so, on your own, and habitually! #1 – Get a Wireless Prostate Massager. Prostate massages have one problem. That is, you need a good reach. And that’s hard to do alone. Because you need to enter the anus. Now granted, the prostate isn’t too deep inside. It’s only the distance of an adult middle finger… But that’s too much for comfort. You’ll need to twist your wrist in uncomfortable ways just to get there… Not to mention, you can’t do it sitting or lying down either. But - this is where a wireless prostate massager helps. It’s like a vibrator, but for men, and to help them reach the prostate. But Why Wireless? Think of it this way. You need flexibility to enjoy a prostate massage. So the last thing you need is a sex toy with a cord. That would force you to enjoy the massage next to a wall socket – which is a bad idea. Because who knows how your bedroom/bathroom is laid out? Maybe the sockets are too far for comfort? Must it be Battery-Powered? It can be. But that’s not a pressing need. You can have a toy with its own charger. But do note that if you lose the charger, you’re in serious trouble. And for that reason, you should get models that use AAA batteries. They’re less risky. Not to mention, you’re buying such batteries for the “remote controls” too! And speaking of those… #2 – Toy Must Have a Remote Control. After you get the toy in, you need to control its use. And you’re not just controlling the motion. You’re also controlling the intensity of the vibration. And how do you do that? You do so with a remote. Avoid Non-Remote Models. The most powerful prostate massager is one you can control. With a remote, you can control the rhythm of your stimulation for a better experience! Product Example – Zemalia Sandy Anal Plug. This product is only $40. Yet, it comes with 10 vibration options. That’s more options than you’d find on luxury massage chairs… And that’s not all. This product is 3.5 inches tall. And its thickness expands from the tip, all the way to the plug’s end. This lets you control penetration too, and with ease. But it’s also compact enough for easy storage. It’s miniscule, and barely noticeable! #3 – Learn Where to Use It. Massaging your prostate isn’t like masturbating. First, you can’t sit or laydown while doing. Second, you’re usually in a sideways position or standing. The first being more convenient of course… So this is a product you use in bed, or bathroom. Also, you need lubrication. NEVER forget that when using a prostate massager. Another Thing – The Setup. You might need to do “some cleaning” after you’re done. It’s just like sex, where you should change the sheets. But with a prostate massager, you’re always changing the sheets. Or, you’re doing some cleanup afterwards. And this leads us to the next step. #4 – Learn How to Clean/Store It. Most sellers give you a storage bag for your toy. However, the cleaning is where it gets difficult. And this is what you’ll need… • Warm Water. • Rough Tissues. • Sexy Toy Cleaning Agent. And the process is simple. Start by running the toy under warm water. Then apply the cleaner, scrub, rinse, and repeat. For tissues, we recommend toilet paper. Softer tissues do not work here. You need something that can withstand abuse. As for the sex toy cleaner, you need a specialized store to sell you that. Where Do I Find One? You can a store through this link. This’ll lead you to a specialized store that sells all kinds of sex toys and maintenance items. Visit the store, and start your massage experience now! Learn more about benefits of prostate massage, visit:
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