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by on January 17, 2019
iCloud is a handy application for the iPhone users to have a storage of their pictures, dates reminder, occasions reminder, videos and many other important documents. For using iCloud, you have to first create your account by entering your full name, username and password. After that, your pictures, video, and essential documents get secured automatically in iCloud. You don’t have to sync it by yourself on a daily basis, iCloud help you to sync your documents automatically. How to Sync Your Data on iCloud The saved data can be shared by anyone you want to. iCloud keep your files secure and take care of your documents to be not got lost while you are formatting your iPhone. How to Set up iCloud on Mac and Windows You can make use of iCloud by not pairing it to your system or laptop. This will be an excellent function for the iOS users; this will be more helpful when you sync your important files to your system. Steps for Setting up iCloud on Mac: The steps are simple to set up your iCloud account if you have the updated version of Mac, then the new feature of iCloud will enhance your working more fluently. If this application is already installed on your iPhone, there is no need to install it: • To make use of the iCloud application, press on your iOS menu list in the upper left side and then select System Preferences option. • If you are already a member of that iCloud application, then there is no need to log in again. But if you don’t have an account then you have to sign in first by putting your name, date of birth, gender, username and password as per you’re like. • Go through the column given on the right side on the iCloud account you like to turn on. Steps for Setting up iCloud on Windows: As Mac have this application already installed on it, but Windows didn’t come with this application already installed on it. So you have first to install it on your system: • Go to the Apple store. • Search for the iCloud app. • Press on the install button given on the iCloud menu. • After completing the installation process, start the iCloud app on your iPhone. • Log in with your already created email address. • Click on the sections which were given on the ride side of your iCloud menu to enabling it. How to Set up iCloud on iOS Devices? iCloud is already installed when you purchase your new iPhone. You can secure your pictures, files and other important documents in your iPhone. So now there will be no worries of losing any of your data. Steps for Setting up iCloud on Your iPhone: • Click the Settings application. • Press iCloud icon. • iCloud automatically enable and disable according to your selected setting. • Log in on the iCloud account in case you are already not a member. • Click on the sea green button for every function that you like to turn on. • On top of the display, press the Storage and Backup option. In case you want to restore your document in your iPhone to the iCloud application, swipe the iCloud Backup button to sea green. Robert Williams is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Emily has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as SOURCE –
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