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McAfee antivirus is a multi-layered antivirus which protects your Computer from all the cyber threats. It improves your PCs performance and safeguards your online privacy. McAfee has a widespread global threat intelligence network. It constantly analyzes and gathers data on threats that helps McAfee to protect your Computer better.

McAfee Activation - McAfee antivirus can be downloaded in your Computer with two different methods. The first method is Web installation and the other one is CD installation. In this article, we are discussing both methods. We will also discuss the McAfee activation in this article. In case, you are facing any issue related to McAfee then you can also visit McAfee Support.

McAfee Installation and McAfee Activation Method- McAfee Activation

In order to install McAfee in your Computer, you need to uninstall the previous installed Antivirus. If you will not uninstall the antivirus then it might be conflicting with the McAfee antivirus. In case, you have installed McAfee antivirus which is identical to the version you are installing. Then you need to keep it in your Computer. The installer skips installation of identical files. It allows you to extend the subscription of your product. The stepwise methods to install and Activate McAfee are following.

How to install McAfee antivirus using CD- McAfee Activation

To install McAfee in your Computer you need to follow the given steps:

• You need turn on your Computer first and put the McAfee CD into your CD drive.
• It will automatically start the installation of your McAfee Product.
• If not then you need to open the CD drive folder and double click on the setup.exe to run the installation.
• Read the End User License Agreement and click on the ‘continue’ button to start the installation.
• If your Operating system does not support the version which is in the CD. Then it will automatically download the latest version of the product.
• To perform this you need an active web connection in your computer.
• If your Operating system supports the product version then there will be two options for you.
• You can install McAfee files from the disk or install the files online.
• To install from the disk you need to clear the checkbox.
• Furthermore, the installer installs the version that is on the CD.
• Afterwards, you need to enter the McAfee Activation key/product key if prompted.
• In the next option, you need to enter your McAfee account credentials.
• You can also create one if you do not have a prior McAfee account.
• Finally, click on ‘finish’ to complete the installation.

How to Install and activate McAfee online- McAfee Activation

To install McAfee antivirus in your Computer via online, you need to have a fast web connection. Following are the steps to do that:

• First of all, you need to open the product packaging.
• After that, it is required to locate the retail card in your product package.
• And then visit the given link i.e from your web browser.
• In the next step, select your Country and language from the given option.
• And then you need to enter the McAfee activation key or product key in the required field.
• Afterwards, click on the submit button to move further.
• Furthermore, you need to use your existing credentials to login or you can register as a new user.
• Finally, your installation will be started and takes some time to complete.

FAQ- McAfee Activation

McAfee activation code free total protection login
McAfee activate subscription
McAfee retail card activation
go to McAfee com activate
McAfee live safe activation code
McAfee activation setup

In order to resolve other queries, you can contact You can also call on our toll-free number. Our technical support team will help you to resolve your query. They will provide you with the easiest way possible to resolve your issue.


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