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by on January 25, 2019
There’s no arguing the fact that Magento is the widely used e-commerce platform in the market. Over 200,000 active e-commerce stores are built on Magento only, making it the #1 e-commerce platform in the world. Since it was specially developed to build e-commerce platforms, Magento has a plethora of features which developers can integrate into their e-commerce projects to build feature-rich online stores. However, being the commonly used platform, Magento receives consistent changes to provide developers with advanced possibilities. As a result, it becomes crucial to keep up with these changes to build reliable online stores. The best practice is to hire a dedicated team of Magento developers or a reputed Magento development firm to build a feature-rich online store. Such firms usually have experienced and certified developers who are familiar with the changes all the time.

Here are some of the trends that you should look for in 2019. Purchased by Adobe Yes, it’s true. Magento has been acquired by Adobe in the last year. Adobe purchased Magento for $1.68 Billion from Permira. Ever since this deal happened back in 2018, developers have been expecting big changes to happen to Magento, considering the previous working history of Adobe and its products. Artificial Intelligence for Better Customer Engagement AI is already influencing many industries and e-commerce development is one of them. The need to provide customers with 24*7 customer service which can only be done through AI integration. While only a few websites started using Chatbots in 2018, the number of chatbots are likely to be increased in the coming months. AI is getting better with each passing day and the day is not far when the entire customer service will be handled by bots only. If you hire an experienced team of Magento developers , they’re likely to integrate chatbots in your online store. Personalized Marketing Efforts With 2019 completing its first month, marketing efforts are being personalized to precisely target the specific customers. There’s no point in exposing your brand to everyone on the web. You need more dedicated marketing tactics, which are likely to dominate the e-commerce platform in 2019. It involves everything, starting from automatically sending personalized emails to a certain type of customers to sending push notifications accordingly. These are a few of the trends which are likely to hit the e-commerce industry in 2019.
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