Oscar Shepherd
by on January 25, 2019
There is a link between learning music, mathematics and languages. Thus, in a press release issued by the Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology, it has been emphasized that disciplines can be approached through music, a particularly attractive gateway for adolescents who are little or no attracted to science.
The self-discipline acquired when learning a musical instrument affects the success rate of a student. It has also been noted that music contributes to the development of the brain since it intervenes in the interaction between the two hemispheres.
Music also has an impact on academic success because it allows:
• Improved confidence and self-esteem
• Improvement of concentration
• A better appreciation of artistic events
• The development of adaptive capacity in a group
• Music also brings positive effects to younger children
Nursery rhymes and songs help the child develop in his language, his attention span and his rhythmic sense.
With the mimed songs, one gets to know one's body, one doe’s vorticity, some dramatic expression.
On a Personal Level
Music contributes strongly to the development of personality, a balance between the intellect (learning an instrument, perseverance, etc.) and emotions (expression, sensitivity). Studies show that the scientific spirit intervenes in the apprehension of the universe and that the artistic qualities will just make it possible to give meaning to this universe.
Music allows people who present themselves publicly during class concerts, end of the year or other, to develop a control of their emotions (sensitivity, nervousness, and paralysis), confidence in him, insurance,an ability to communicate, to express themselves through the practice of artistic discipline.
Makes People Affectionate
Music allows young people to express themselves, especially at certain stages of their development during which they may experience communication difficulties. Many studies report the link between music and emotions.
On a Physical Level
Music allows awareness of the body and breathing; in developing a better posture. It also helps in the development of fine motor skills: the young mind is more open to bodily training when learning an instrument, the independence of hands and fingers. Music acts positively on the brain.
At a Cultural level
Music makes it possible to discover other musical universes, thus other cultures and by the same token, it allows an opening on the world. It also allows learning of historical notions (different styles, different currents, eras, etc.).
Many singers are trying to integrate the word of God into their music. Daniel Badibanga is a Congolese pastor and a preacher, and he’s also a gospel singer. He also calls himself by the name TB Joshua Junior, mainly after TB Joshua, a famous pastor who many refer to as the best prophet of the modern times. Daniel Badibanga has made it a point to shower blessings on his listeners and viewers and is actively working on releasing more and more gospel music. He even visits TB Joshua to get his blessing for his work. You can find his work on Youtube as well.
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