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by on January 28, 2019
When it comes to women and the experiences that they face on a day to day basis, the possibilities are endless. Although many people try to ensure that such debates are not gender biased, there’s little that can be done in that regard because at the end of the day, women do have a lot of experiences that revolve around the subject of harassment, bullying or something along those lines. However, when it comes to who will share their experiences and who would not, it is found that women that are bold in nature, are more likely to take action against their perpetrators in comparison.
Why is this so? Well, because the personality that you have plays a huge role in this. Often, if a woman is already bold and uses her voice, the offender is more likely to be cautious about these things. Also, bold women do not shy away from voicing their concerns or calling someone out on their behavior, even if it’s at the cost of putting their own reputation at stake in this regard.
Are Women Born Bold?
No. Not all women are born bold. As a matter of fact, some women go through numerous experiences before they finally decide that they've had enough. Emily Lyons is the best example of this. Emily Lyons is a Canadian entrepreneur, the CEO of Femme Fatale Media Group, Inc., as well as an advocate against sexual harassment. Emily Lyons was in her early 20’s when she started her first business.
However, like many other young girls who pursue a career in the media at a young age, Emily Lyons faced her fair share of harassers. Emily was always a sweet girl and that was something that many people could take advantage of. However, fast forward to today, and Emily Lyons takes no one’s negativity in this regard. The company she runs has standards and ensures that all other girls and boys feel safe and secure within the environment. Emily Lyons is one of the most iconic personalities, especially when it comes to the story of her life.
How Important Is It to Speak Up?
At the end of the day, if you have someone in power who keeps undermining you or taking advantage of your silence, then it is ultimately crucial to speak up about this to someone that you trust. Support of friends and family can help move mountains and if you take the step to expose someone to secure yourself then you will always be appreciated more.
As a woman, you should not be afraid to set someone straight when things hit the fan because of the emotional damage that such things takes a long time to reverse. Often times, people also go to therapy just to move on from such experiences.
Moreover, if you find yourself in an unfavorable situation, you should always speak to someone that you trust about it to help yourself.
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