Miguel Torneire
by on January 29, 2019
They sit on a street corner, on the floor or on a mattress. The frozen look. Men alone, women, children more and more often. Increasingly, in large cities. And we go past them, often in a hurry, sometimes indifferent. Not really knowing how to help them. Yet initiatives of all kinds exist. Sometimes requiring little time, not necessarily money, but just goodwill.
Developing Our World looks at initiatives launched to help the cause in one way or another. There has been a report shows that between 2001 and 2012, the number of people on the street has been increased drastically.
Throughout the United States, we can see multiple refugees and veterans who lose their homes and jobs. Many are the victims of PTSD which makes it hard for them to enjoy their elderly life. We have come out to help those individuals in fighting their battles. The teenagers who have been kicked out of their houses, the families who have survived a tragedy, and the veterans who are facing serious financial troubles, we are here to help them.
The lack of a stable and favorable housing for coexistence generates situations of serious exclusion. However, whatever the cause of this situation, Developing Our World is present to support the homeless.
The number of homeless people has increased in recent years and with this the profiles are diversified in this circumstance: immigrants, people with mental illness or addictions, victims of violence and people affected by evictions are some of the stories we could find from the records that we have been observing.
For this reason, depending on the diversity, the projects of Developing Our World are designed to provide assistance that best suits the person through motivation and recovery processes. We make sure that they are provided the best kind of resources available out there. Our shelter not only includes a roof over the head, we also offer free electricity, water, food, education, health and fitness opportunities to the victims of homelessness. We try to make them feel at home as much as possible.
The Objectives of our programs include
· Providing emergency accommodation that includes overnight accommodations and daytime stays for the homeless and cover their basic needs.
· Procure extended housing and social support to those people who want to start an inclusion process in a specific resource.
· Offer an alternative space to the street, as well as psychosocial attention and occupational and educational activities that enhance social skills, relational and useful training actions adapted to their characteristics.
· Accompany the person to build their own itinerary of personal development and social inclusion.
· Support people who, after the end of the half-stay period, remain linked to the project due to lack of income and housing.
We are now reaching out to the general public to join our hands and help us in achieving this noble cause. We are out on the aim to clean the effects of homelessness from the country. Through the holistic community development, Developing Our World provides homes and shelters, not on in the USA, but also overseas. In the USA we work with organizations that help us to build home like Habitat. Overseas, Developing Our World has its own house construction program which helps it to provide as much help as it can to the people affected outside USA.
You can help us in multiple ways as mentioned above. Help us in helping the ones in need. Become the reason of a smile on someone’s face. We do more than building a house, we build a home.
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