Bob christo
by on January 29, 2019
For most of our children, School Wi-Fi is more like a digital playground than a classroom for studies. As long as their internet uses limits to playing games, surfing, shopping or even chatting with friends, everything is fine. However, school authorities must keep an eye on whatever contents they share or post on their social media accounts. As a parent, we are liable for it too, so better to visit to ensure the security of our devices. But, what if they divert to websites that deal in more disturbing or erotic contents for their age group? Then as parents, we can only blame the school authorities for breaking our trust and being careless on students’ regular online activities. Instead, a better solution is to go for McAfee Activate. Frankly speaking, we can’t blame the school staff either on the grounds of not being extra vigilant. Teachers and staff are too few in comparison of the enormity of students in a single classroom. On the other hand, it’s impossible to locate a single student without a device in his/her backpack in this digital age. best to secure those devices. Vast majority of schools have embraced the countless learning benefits that internet-connected devices offer our kids. The out-dated traditions of textbooks and blackboard lectures that were confined to the four walls of classroom are ‘history’. They are replaced by digital classrooms with LED screens where kids can easily download notes, research, explore, share, perform, and learn. McAfee Activate and latest technologies has changed the way of students’ life like never before. However, to make this new learning occur, schools need to have Internet-access. So, our kids can access their benefits and that is where school Wi-Fi comes into play. School Wi-Fi protected with mcafee activate enlightens our knowledge-based skills. But, it has a dark side that opens in the shady alleys of cybercrimes and contents that are restricted for students below 18.
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