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by on January 31, 2019
The fact of the matter is, no matter how great a product is, it is of no use unless distributed to the targeted audience. While multinational FMCGs and big local giants manage to hire top-notch distribution firms like Transmed, others tend to go through a lot of hassle to get their products marketed.
Transmed was established in 1964 in Lebanon as a distributor. From day one, the aim of this company was to dominate the marketing channels and offer major brands a top-notch service ranging from packaging to seamless logistics and beyond.
Aiming Higher Since Day One
If there is one thing Transmed never compromised on, it is the quality of service. The company has been known to hire diversified clients who bring in the skillset to succeed and a desire to add sheer value to the company. Dealing with an ever-expanding multinational clientele has had a positive impact on Transmed. The company has always believed that retaining and nurturing employees to keep them content is the key to a swiftly growing company. Their employees enjoy regular training that equips them with the most contemporary skills in business offering both, and individual and organizational growth.
Furthermore, every client of Transmed enjoys a specific sales team which allows for better focus and cover each and every channel of distribution. The company also deploys modern tech and IT systems to experience greater functionality and seamless operations.
Expanding its footprint
Transmed began its distributive operations in Lebanon. Soon after establishment, the company expanded its footprint to neighboring regions including South Sudan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Turkey, Senegal and more. These are the prime areas that Transmed covers. After dominating the primary markets, Transmed decided to move farther and penetrate newer markets. These included Sierra Leone, Cape Verde, Togo, Gambia and several other countries in Africa.
The road to success for Transmed was quite seamless. With a vision to create one of the best distribution companies in the region, this company managed to create a global clientele of multinational companies that included names like Proctor & Gamble, Lipton, Knorr, Walkers, Wrigley’s, and many more.
Reaching the Limelight
With the epitome of services being provided, Transmed was moving forward for its impending success. This distribution giant of MENA region has been mentioned several times in renowned magazines. Some of the biggest mentions included ArabAd, thebusinessyear, businessnews, and Khaleej Times, etc. After spending over half a century expanding footprints and making an imprint, Transmed stands as one of the topmost companies Lebanon, GCC, and Africa.
One of the leading principles of this company is not to sell conflicting products that cater to the same target market. This simple value has allowed the company to build long-lasting relationships with the brand.
Transmed, as a whole, is divided into three major segments. The first segment caters to the high-end brands and modern trade, while the second segment caters to the middle trade. The third segment comprises of teams that work with small stores. Each of the segments is dedicated to expanding its market with each passing year.
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