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by on February 1, 2019
There over millions of people who swear by social media and couldn’t ever imagine a life without it nor do they ever go a day without logging in to their accounts to keep up with the rest of the world. The world today is one that is digitalized and there’s absolutely no sign in the near future of this coming to end any time soon. Millennials, in particular, are addicted to this online tool and find it difficult to refrain from checking their accounts every two minutes simply because of how addictive social media tools normally are regardless of which one you’re using.
However, many people also refer to social media as a curse much less than a blessing because of a variety of reasons. So when the questions arise as to whether social media is a blessing or a curse, the topic can take a turn for being controversial and simply dividing people into two categories. These categories consist of those who think social media is a curse and those who think social media is a blessing. But what are the odds of it being a curse or a blessing? Read on to find out.
Gain Followers & Grow Your Brand
Social media is a powerful tool regardless of what anyone says in retaliation to that. People like Jonathan Jadali have set up brands through this undeniably powerful tool. Jonathan Jadali is an American born guy who always had ambition and a skill set that was recognized by all. He had big plans for his future, regardless of his grades. By investing in bitcoins initially, Jadali later sold that and made a fortune for himself and then went on to build his career as a mentor, speaker social media influencer. Today, Jadali has thousands of followers on his social media and is approached by several brands to speak at their conferences.
Lack of Privacy
When it comes to gaining social media fame, things can take a turn for the worse very quickly. People are quick to assume things and can give you a lack of privacy in your daily life due to this very reason. This can cause problems in your daily life and cause the social media star to run for cover because of how unsafe their own city becomes. There have been many cases in which people would dig up ones past in order to ruin their image publicly on the internet, which can be humiliating and often ignite a bunch of mental disorders as a result of the bullying as well.
Increased Dependency but Better Self Esteem Too
If you happen to be someone who doesn’t have a lot of friends in the real world or struggle to connect with people, then social media can definitely help increase your self-esteem by quite a margin. However, this can also mean that you will become more and more dependent on your social media likes and followers which can be detrimental to your health if you do not control it.
Moreover, this goes to show that social media can be both – a blessing and a curse. But it also shows that this depends on the person in question more than anything else.
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