Oscar Shepherd
by on February 5, 2019
We all enjoy outdoor activities, especially if the weather is good. Well, what is good weather may vary depending upon to which region you belong or your personal preferences?
Some people develop a certain type of passion for adventurous outdoor activities - which may come with their own gaugeable or ungaugeable complications and risks concerning our health and safety. Even if people do not place themselves in the harm's way recklessly, there are still risks associated to the weather conditions. Especially for people involved in activities such as camping, canoeing, cycling, skiing, swimming, running etc. Sure, entailment of risks and challenges is an essential element of anyone's learning experience – but indulging yourself in activities knowing fully well about the severity of the risks which come with them without bracing yourselves up with safety measures is nothing but an act which anyone would advise you against.
One of such hazards of outdoor activities is exposure to extreme sun heat or polluted and lethally hazardous gas leakages which can leave humans or any living being that matter with traumatic physical and altitude sickness. Such as excessive exposure to scorching sunlight may come with many skin and health complications such as skin burns caused due to overexposure to heat. And not to mention the dehydration factor which causes humans to faint due to the loss of energy. How to prevent extreme negative effects from having long-term effects on your health? Let's see …
1- First and foremost is that we carry with ourselves the things which help keep us hydrated and provide us with vital nutrients and elements our immune system needs for its strengthened and sustainable performance.
Like the green stuff which strengthens our immune system, such as cucumber, Armenian cucumber, iceberg lettuce leaves, mint leaves etc. These things provide essential energy to our organisms and contain close amount of percentage of water. Then celery, tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, cabbage, spinach etc. The cucumbers, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and celery contain the most amount of percentage of water. About 90% and above percentage of water which help in keeping our hydration levels maintained during the summers and provide the vital energy elements which strengthen the immune systems.
2- Before you leave the place, you must apply the sunscreen at least about 20 minutes earlier before leaving. Wear UV filtering sunglasses and cover your skin with appropriate clothes. These things also help prevent the long terms effects on the skin from taking place. You can wear hats with a 4-inch brim all around.
There are many skin care and cosmetic companies worldwide which manufacture some of the very effective and also dermatologically verified and approved sunscreen products. Such as Bu sunscreen, which indulges itself in the manufacturing of effective sun protection products such as UV apparels, sunscreens, anti-inflammatory analgesic treatment, all of which are ethically manufactured with complete consideration of all the ethical acceptability standards. They provide one with the things which are important to be taken into consideration before exposing ourselves into scorching sunlight. Do check them out!
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