Steve Tedson
by on February 7, 2019
Chatbot solutions have taken over the world in a big way. Now, what does a chatbot stand for? A chatbot is the feature of a chat messenger built into a website and answers all your queries. At the background of a chatbot is a computer program which has been written to respond to your queries like a human. So, chatbots are the need of the hour and they allow the companies to be in contact with clients all the time. When integrated with websites chat messengers , the chatbots resolve your confusion regarding a product so that there is no delay in purchase from a consumer’s end. Know what the restaurant is serving Have you been ever felt irritated when no longer is picking up the “helpline number” given on a restaurant’s website or you are uselessly typing into the chat messenger with no replies. Fret not! Chatbots are here. Just open the restaurant’s website and a chatbot will let you know everything. Just type your query into the chat messenger and a chatbot will inform you about the menu and everything else you want to know. Restaurants are finding it easy to deploy such chatbot based solutions because they can’t expect a customer service representative to be available 24/7 to answer the customer calls and chats. It has been discovered in a survey that chatbots as restaurant software solutions are becoming a better and revolutionary source of communication. When integrated into an instant messaging system of a restaurant’s website, these bots help customers book dinner dates on time. So, when you search for the restaurants near you, you can decide on a single restaurant by asking the different chatbots on the restaurant’s websites, whether they are serving the meal desired. Of course, this makes it so easy after you have just googled “dinner near me”and there is an entire page of search engine results available before you. In fact, you can even ask the chatbot whether the restaurant is open or not,so, as to not waste any time in making a futile visit to the restaurant. Know about the offers Apart from answering customer’s queries chatbots are also a better source of communication as compared to the instant messaging systems. These chatbots have a host of functions built in them including “activation sequences”. Now, lets learn about this special feature. Whenever anyone makes a visit to the restaurant, he/she is asked for the name,phonenumber and email id. So, using any of these features, he is located on facebook, and these chatbots, provide the customer with timely information about any restaurants offers. Even if someone likes your facebook page, he can be sent information through chatbots. Hence, the customers get complete information about the new offers when they subscribe to a website by entering their email id in the “comments” section of the website. This way, the customer’s email id is bombarded with a restaurant’s offers from time to time. Get friendlier with customers through chatbots When a customer reaches your website by searching for “restaurants near me”, he just has so many chatbots on your IMS(instant messaging system) which are ready to help him. A customer can enter the name of the dish and get to know the various varieties of it served by you. So, it’s not tough to get to know everything about a restaurant even when you have not ever visited it. So, as a restaurant owner, if you feel that you need to have more orders, use chatbots. Let the world know you better. Don’t wait for a human to answer your chats, a chatbot will do it for you.
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