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Are you raiding online portals for the perfect opulent look for your windows? Well, Spiffy Spools if here to offer you its most exquisite collection of soft window treatments, which will not only suit your style but also fit your budget. Whatever your preference may be, kitchen curtains, bedroom blackout curtains or any other curtain and their tops, they’ll provide you with exactly what you need.


Arash Khurana, the maker of Spiffy Spools, has one aim, which manifests a simple yet beloved dream of every homemaker to have a beautiful and eloquent home. If you are hopelessly attracted to DIY projects and raid blog sites reading about home décor within budget and still refuse to believe that every beautiful thing comes with a hefty price tag, then I’m sure you’ll definitely like what Spiffy Spools has to offer!

Spiffy Spools has scoured through the overcrowded and bustling lanes of Asia to find the inspiring designs. They found their not so big (but mighty) team of professionals in these busy streets who have over decades of experience in handcrafting and hand sewing beautiful window treatments. Their experience in this field can easily be distinguished in their curtain designs, which are inspired from all corners of the world. Their handcrafting technique is so perfect that you can see clean lines and amazing finish in all their curtain sets.


Blackout drapes are nothing what they once used to be. They need not be darker in shade to stop the light from coming in. they have transformed in quality from the plastic polyester feel to less static prone and soft curtains. you don’t have to compromise on style for opting for room darkening curtains because Spiffy Spools has the an amazingly wide variety of blackout curtains, which will perfectly suit your bedroom, media room and nursery.

You can custom make your own curtain panel by selecting the right fabric from over 1000 fabrics, all of them being different in style, color and textures, or you can also tell them your expectations from your curtain set and they’ll replicate your thoughts with excellence.

If you are moving in to a new home or maybe you want to have a bold look for your bedroom and need vibrant colored curtains for that mater, then you need not worry about it, because Spiffy Spools can provide a blackout lining to your chosen curtain set, which will not only compliment your room’s revamp but also block the unwanted light coming from outside and letting in only the soft light to maintain your privacy.

Their shades combine the aesthetic beauty of a fabric curtain with the ease of practicality of a shade, making them one of the most versatile and drool worthy window treatments that you can find.


• Firstly, they block the external light. Thanks to their extra tight woven fabric, these curtains ensure you and your family get the perfect goodnight’s sleep. These curtains can also be used in your kids rooms so that you can avoid those arguments about “but there is still light outside” before sleep with your little ones.

• The blackout curtains also have an amazing feature to block the external noise. This feature comes out to be very useful when you are working at home during the day, and hence these lovelies filter the noise from streets entering the room, giving you the calm and peaceful environment for work.

• I don’t know if you’ll believe me on this, but it is definitely true that these curtains have the ability to save energy. Yes you read it right! Spiffy Spools treats all of their curtains and liners with thermal coatings, which regulate the temperature of your room. Thus, these priceless lovelies keep the chills away during the winter season and let the room be cool during summers. Almost 10-25% of the total thermal energy loss goes out of the window. Spool’s blackout curtains have a capability to curtail this loss by 25%, hence reducing your electricity and utility bills and also the greenhouse gases.

• These opulent curtains also save your high-end furniture by preventing their premature ageing and their color to not fade away by defending them from the harmful and harsh rays from the sun. Thus these pretty things prolong the life of your exquisite furniture.

Because of their amazing light blocking capabilities, room darkening drapes, blinds and shades usually bring to people’s mind that they need to be dark and heavy fabrics, but to clear this doubt of yours, you can also opt for white blackout curtains for your living room or any other room for that purpose. Not only white, but also any stylish color for your headings can be opted. Whether your choice is rod pockets, grommet tops or even blinds, Spiffy Spools has a blackout fabric for every preference of yours. The blackout liners provided to these blackout curtains give your windows a unified look from the streets.

The best part about their beautiful curtains is that they never lose their color and last a lifetime. They also have a shield on their back, which protects you and your family from the harmful ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun.


They deliver to all corners of the world with no sipping charges. Generally, they give a maximum time of 15 days to reach you with your parcel, but they have a record to reach their clients before the allotted time. Once your payment is done and the order is confirmed from their side, the draperies are dispatched within one week and the parcel then reaches you after a maximum of 5 days after the dispatch.

Slip into their website and you’ll be convinced that they have an unmatched level of style and colors when it comes to curtains! So what are you waiting for? Order your bedroom blackout curtains now and give your room an amazing makeover.

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