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Joelle Dinnage is an award-winning entrepreneur, a philanthropist and an international art dealer who has founded around 15 companies all dedicated to the art world. Her empire proliferates because of how skilled she is at managing and knowing how to carry herself powerfully. She is a headstrong woman that pours herself passionately in everything she does so that it shows through instead of her having to spell out her success story. It’s all around her if you have the eye for it!
Stepping Into The Art World
Joelle always had a natural entrepreneurial instinct, an ability to express herself and a knack for analyzing art coherently. She won her first entrepreneur award when she graduated from the art academy for starting a prosperous business with seven selected final-year students. Together, they managed to triple the stockholder investments, and the ceremony was aired on TV.
She opened her first art gallery in London, and because of its mass appeal, it expanded, and Dinnage began to hold art exhibitions in multiple localities. It was during these events where she met her lifelong partner Natal with whom she founded the Global Art Agency. GAA was such a success that it received numerous awards, one of the most outstanding ones being shortlisted in the top 30 ‘Grow’ sector of the Virgin Media Business Awards with our pitch to Richard Branson.
Fame and Awards
Joelle Dinnage sat perfectly into the throne of an entrepreneur. She worked independently as the Curator for Playboy and even served as Worldguide’s Arts and Collectibles Expert. Naturally, she constantly proved herself in every field of life that she stepped into so it was apparent that the world would recognize her and encourage her. It’s like the profound saying of Paulo Coelho – “When you want something the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
Here is the list of awards that Joelle Dinnage has been the recipient of:
‘Rising Star 2018’ – Women in Business Awards, Shortlisted
‘Young Achiever of the Year 2017’ – First Women Awards, Finalist
‘Entrepreneur of the year 2017’ – Venus Awards, Nominated
‘Women of the Future Award 2016’ – Art & Culture, Shortlisted
‘Entrepreneur of the year 2016’ – Investor Allstars, Finalist
‘Female Entrepreneur 2015’ – Stevie Awards, Silver Winner
‘Oxfordshire Young Business Person 2015’ – Nominated
‘Women in Business Awards 2014’ – Rising Star, Shortlisted
‘Sferiq Award Innovation in Art’ – Investor Allstars, Nominated
‘Inspirational Businesswoman 2013’ – Woman in Trade UK
‘Top Female Entrepreneur’ – Small Business Heroes
‘Entrepreneur Award’ – MINI Enterprise, Amsterdam
The Philosophy to Abide By
It’s no easy feat to be mentally and physically involved in 15 of your own companies and making sure none of them falter. In fact, it requires a superwoman. You need to know how to deal with all kinds of people and to be able to be at the top of your game without losing out on your thick skin. What does Joelle do that keeps her sanity intact and her success upgrading? She believes that success is the best revenge.
Once you’re successful there are going to be a handful of people that will try to acquaint themselves with you for the wrong reasons, there will be a lot of enviousness, and you are most definitely going to be let down by people you trust. But the higher you climb, the harder it is going to be for the haters to be able to catch a glimpse of you and take aim.
Try staying away from people who gossip because you don't need that negativity in your life. As a woman holding the world in her palm, she is an inspiration, and her philosophies feel like they will save anyone from a lot of trouble and discouragement.
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