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Australia banned Online poker in 2017 under the International Gambling act. Don’t worry you can still play poker online in Australia and without prosecution. So now you have decided that you wish to play, and your search for the ideal site started. But alas, there are manifold poker sites available online. How do you separate between all of those available sites, to find that perfect site? Check out this guide from Online Poker Australia

You will find a lot of criteria which you must be aware of, in your journey to find the poker site which is suitable for you. Knowing such criteria will massively improve your selection process.

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If you’re seeking to play online poker for pure leisure, and not for cash, make sure that the site you’re interested in accommodates a “free” player. The majority of online poker sites do cater to free players like you.


Most, if not all, online poker sites oblige you to download their poker software into your computer system to work. If you’re adversative to downloading the software into your system, you might wish to check if the poker site has a web-based poker interface. That will enable you to play poker directly on the site from within your browser. On the other hand, software installed on your PC run a lot quicker than web-based sessions.


Several poker sites restrict the playing for cash, based on your locale, and the laws directing gambling in your locale. You must check along with the laws of your local jurisdiction and check with your poker site to figure out if there are any obligatory restrictions on play, based on your place.


You must surely look at the modes of support which a poker site provides. Poker sites usually offer one or more methods of support which include live chat support, email support, fax support, and telephone support. The more of those that a poker site provides, the better. For telephone support, you can check and figure out if the poker site offers toll-free assistance from your playing authority or not.


You must always take into consideration the game features which are accessible with a particular poker site. Game features like screen options, turbo games, player chat, connection status indicator, player statistics, visual and audible indicators, player notes, multiple simultaneous playing windows, and hand history must always be considered.


This is a very vital consideration. Each poker site has a unique feel and looks to it. If you’re planning to play poker for cash, it’s vital that you feel at ease with its screen graphics and your capability to navigate through the poker program. However, if you feel not comfortable at all with the site, you must surely not consider playing at it for cash. You must at all times test a poker site out in “free” mode, before considering it for real-cash wagering.

Make sure that you consider all the factors we mentioned in this post so you will find the perfect online poker site in Australia that suits your style and preferences.

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