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by on February 12, 2019
Deep learning carries out the machine learning process using an artificial neural net that is composed of a number of levels arranged in a hierarchy. Those with the imagination for deep learning unlock the treasure trove of magnanimous data stored in the brain.
In order to promote the field of Deep Learning and call upon people around the world to add their expertise to its advancement, AI-based companies all over the world are doing everything that they can. Siraj Raval (born 1 June 1991) is an American Data Scientist, AI Educator, Youtube Personality, and author. He goes by his full name “Siraj Raval” on Youtube.
Since beginning his channel in January 2016, his videos have received over 11 million views and his channel has accumulated 510,000 subscribers garnering the attention of the tech community, from Elon Musk to Google. In 2017, he taught the Deep Learning Nanodegree at Udacity, and his book Decentralized Applications has sold tens of thousands of copies on Amazon. Siraj has spoken at The United Nations, CERN, and Data Science conferences around the world about the potential AI technology has for the betterment humanity.
He created the School of AI which is the fastest growing AI community in the world. Its mission is to offer a world-class AI education to anyone on Earth for free. Their doors are open to all those who wish to learn. They are a learning community that spans across almost every country dedicated to teaching their students how to make a positive impact in the world using AI technology, whether that’s through employment or entrepreneurship.
So why is deep learning being stressed upon? What makes it useful? Its networks can be incorporated into databases for knowledge-based predictions, discoveries and applications. One informative way to gauge how deep learning can be useful is by seeing what companies are doing with the field.
1. ViSENZE: It develops commercial applications that employ deep learning networks for image recognition and tagging software. Customers can now use pictures instead of typing vague and odd keywords to find what they are looking for.
2. Skymind: It has developed an open-source deep learning platform with apps that detect fraudulent activities, draft customer recommendations and regulate customer relation management.
3. Atomwise: It uses deep learning networks to discover drugs and to use newly tested as well as old drugs to purpose them for battling new epidemics and diseases.
4. Descartes Labs: This company analyzes satellite imagery through deep learning networks in order to capture real-time insights into industries like energy infrastructure, food production etc.
What lies at the heart of scientific progress are the discoveries of patterns and regularities in the world we live in. Through these findings, mankind innovates and advances. Deep learning thrives in the depth of our mind and in environments that are dedicated to the deepest core of mathematical thought.
Join the School of AI and become part of the world that is revolutionizing deep learning and Artificial Intelligence.
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