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by on February 14, 2019

Jelloon has introduced a new style of Personal Floatation Device (PFD) designed for people who love to enjoy water activities and keep them safe. It is compact, lightweight and can be carried easily on the water.

6th February 2019: Getting out for fishing is a lot of fun, but it does involve being very close or on the water. Sometimes you’ll be in a small boat moving around at dawn. And there is always a risk.

Whether you are planning to hit some water places or looking to enjoy water activities like fishing or swimming this weekend with your kids, family or friends, you must carry your Personal Floatation Device for safety.

Jelloon offers high quality personal floatation devices that are crafted for water sport lovers where people will not have to worry about their safety while fishing, surfing, and open water swimming, playing SUP or performing any water activities. All their products are made from high quality materials for better safety performance and durability.

The Fishing PFD offered by Jelloon contains a longer tube that is designed for better balancing in water. Made of high strength materials the device provides higher levels of safety performance on the water as compared to other inflatable devices available for water activities.

This Fishing PFD is suitable as a personal float aid device not only when swimming but also works as a visibility aid while waiting for help in the water. This PFD fits almost any person and it’s great for fishing and even other water sports.

Jelloon’s Kayak PFD is very easy to operate. You just need to pull the yellow trigger and then the buoy is activated and inflates in seconds. It is lightweight just 270g, slim and highly portable. This Lightweight PFD is to repack and reuse. After finishing your water activities you just need to roll the buoy and then repack it.

About Jelloon

Jelloon was set up by an experienced mechanical engineer, Mason. The company aims to provide best solutions and adopt only high quality materials for all Jelloon products.

For more information about Jelloon products and to buy Jelloon Personal Inflatble Floater Aid Pack, please visit their official website.

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