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While Publix is generally a cautious and safe food market, no store or worker is perfect, and incidents transpire. In case that you were injured or hurt on the property of Publix, you may have a claim for settlement for your personal injuries, pain and suffering, and lost salaries.

Publix has an obligation to its consumers to keep its premises safe. If Publix knew or should have known of a harmful condition and did not take the appropriate measures to fix the issue or caution you of the danger, you may have a case.

Many of the cases against Publix are from slip and falls. And, most often, it is water on the floor surface that leads to the fall. Slipping on the hard concrete floors at Publix almost always causes a harmful injury. A number of our clients have broken a wrist, injured a knee or back, and even had a hamstring injury when their legs go out from underneath them.

Measures to Take Adhering To an Incident in a Publix Grocery Store

Causes of water on the ground can emerge from nearly anywhere. If you have been in a slip and fall at Publix, you need to do your best to detect where the water came from. Was a cooler seeping onto the ground? Did somebody drop ice and it melted? Was the entryway or exit wet from the rain that was tracked into the grocery store from shoppers or from grocery carts? Whatever you can learn about the source will help your lawyers determine the appropriate level of negligence against Publix.

I talked about in the above about water build up from rain at the entrance or exits. I have also observed some customers leave behind soaked umbrellas that drip water onto the flooring in this particular same area. There are carpeted doormats at the entrance to every grocery store for the intention of eliminating water. But, the mats are not perfect and the water still gets tracked into the concrete floor. The doormats do little for actually drying out the water off of shoes. It is this area of the store where we see the majority of the slip and falls. If Publix has not taken measures to sponge or mop down the area or post caution signs, then you will most likely have a claim. I just recently had a case where the security guard was standing in the entryway only feet away from a wet floor. He took no measures to alert anyone that water was accumulating from rain being tracked inside. As my client entered the store, he/she slipped and fell right in front of the guard. Of course, Publix accepted responsibility for its failure to act and keep the area dry.

Coming after a slip and fall, it is essential to tell the manager about the incident even if you are not in serious pain. Do not be embarrassed to simply file the report. Most people do not recognize the severity of the injury until later on in the day or the next morning. It is also important to realize that there are cameras throughout the store, so the slip and fall will certainly be captured on the footage.

And lastly, it is essential to safeguard the shoes you were wearing at the time. Being in Florida, a lot of my clients were wearing flip-flops when they fell. Publix may ask us to preserve those shoes or flip-flops to determine whether the tread was worn down.

Publix risk management in Lakeland, FL will likely have an incident report and the video footage at the time you present your claim. The Publix risk management department will be decent and try to settle your claim without the filing of a lawsuit as long as you and your lawyers are not money grubbing. I have personally observed that Publix does appreciate their consumers and their credibility and reputation, so if you were injured or hurt in some of their stores, they will try to make it right.

My office has worked with Publix slip and fall cases across the State of Florida. We serve to help those who have been legitimately injured in mishaps that should have been prevented by Publix. If you have been injured at a Publix and would like to talk about your case in more detail contact a Publix Slip and Fall Attorney today.

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