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Starpro Double End Bag

Double end bag is the type of punching bag that is quite like a heavy bag and a speed-bag depending on how you work with it. It is similar to a heavy bag that one can hit it with proper punching technique and also move around the bag; whereas, similar to a speed-bag, which requires rhythm and accuracy to hit.

What is the Boxing Double-End Bag?

The double-end bag is also known as the floor-to-ceiling bag, or the crazy bag or crazy ball. It is a small air-filled bag hanged at both ends to the ceiling and floor by a stretchy cord. Starpro offers double-end punching bags that vary in size, shape, and rebound elasticity to provide different types or different levels of punching skill workouts.

Buy Double End bags for Ultimate Training Benefits

The double-end bags are the perfect tool to develop punching skills and overall boxing ability. Get boxing double end bags and experience double-end bag training to develop higher-level boxing skills. Following are the utmost benefits of double end bag training;

1. Timing Technique

Double-end bag isn’t motionless like the heavy bag, it moves back and forth quickly, making it quite challenging to hit. It gives practice to your timing technique as you have to hit the bag at the right time to make effective punches with respect to timing.

2. Accuracy

As double end bag is smaller in size and moves around a lot, it requires the athlete to enhance its hand eye coordination. Hence, double-end bag raises your accuracy especially if you hit it with multiple punches in a row to strengthen the skill.

3. Rhythm

The double-end bag moves constantly back and forth to help build up a rhythm in punches instead of only throwing punches at random moments. Developing the rhythm in the body makes the skills, techniques and fighting more effective and energy efficient.

4. Reflexes

Double end bag forces to use one’s eyes and make sure to be 100% aware of the double-end bag movement. This develops fast eyes and fast reflexes, unlike the heavy bag which allows you to land punches even when you’re not mentally prepared and conscious.

5. Hand Speed

As double-end bag moves quickly requiring to use fast punches all the time in order to hit it. It is quite an important workout because many fighters get used to throwing slow punches on a stationary heavy bag and end up being slow in a real fight to land punches. Read more: Double End Bag Boxing

Effective Double End Bag Drills to Improve Your Technique

Below is some fun double-end bag drills to improve your punching accuracy, hand speed, defensive reflexes, footwork, and overall boxing skills.

1. Constant Combinations

Use constant combinations with double end bag and do solid, steady and quick punches. The double-end bag is more like a speed bag than a heavy bag, so the most import thing is to keep hitting the bag consistently and do not wait for it to slow down. Constant combinations include; ● LLR/RRL Basic Rhythm ● Straight Punches ● Hooks & uppercuts ● Head & body

2. Defense Combinations

One of the unique quality of the double-end bag is that it helps you drill your defense too. Thus, throw punches and then practice defense skills as the bag punches back at you. This combination includes; ● Punch & block ● Punch & slip

3. Footwork Combinations

In footwork combination, it’s obvious that you punch and move. Beginners should first start with working on being able to move after every combination. Whereas, advanced boxers must practice the combination of moving during the combinations. With concentration and a lot of coordination during footwork combinations on double-end bag, you can boost your punch and move technique pertaining to the time frame. Footwork combinations include; ● Moving after combinations ● Moving during combinations With respect to the above-mentioned drills, the double end bag trains your reflexes, empowers the athletes to improve the vision to the full extent, allows the fighter to fully anticipate the movements while training or in competitions. Browse and choose from the variety of professionals heavy bags from Starpro range and train on the Starpro double end bag to become a great fighter. Get the best boxing double end bag for sale and be a skilled fighter with sound head movements that are elusive and hard to hit like the double end bag.
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