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by on February 21, 2019
Who wants to lose the memories of wonderful times of the past or memory of the historical events? We all have stored our memories in some form like pictures, audio or videos but that old way of saving memories deplete with the time. Audio cassette and video cassette lose their quality with time and after sometimes become unplayable at the end but with the help of the computer and internet, we can save them permanently forever. Digitized Digitization is the process of converting a hard-copy like a picture, note or printout into soft-copy and analog files like audios and videos into digital format with the help of an electronic device like a scanner, computer etc. 1. Audio We can now save the voice of our loved ones with the help of sound recorder, which is available in every mobile, and computer. Other analog audio file that is stored in audio cassette and vinyl records can also be saved with the help of a computer. Recording audio from external audio source First, you need RCA or 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, and then you need to connect one end to the line in on the PC and other with the external audio source. Now, you will be left click on the sound option and then open recording, where you will click the line in option. Now click properties and adjust the volume neither too high nor too low, after it, click okay. Open sound recorder, start recording and press play button on external audio simultaneously and when you are done then stop recording and then save the file on the computer. 2. Video We can also preserve old videos of any historical moment, which are stored on video home system tapes that we do not want to lose with the help of a computer. Recording video from VHS tape to computer First, you have to buy an analog to video adapter, after it, connect that adapter with the VHS player and computer and install the software that came with it. Now open that software and insert VHS cassette in the VHS player. After adjustments in setting, click on the recording option in the software, quickly press the play button on VHS player, and wait until the video ends. When the video ends stop recording, save the video on the computer, and enjoy watching it. 3. Pictures You can save photos that are on your physical photo album with the help of an electronic device like a scanner or you can save a picture of anything you want with the help of a camera that is available on mobile phones. 4. Notes or prints Just like the pictures, you can save notes and printout of any important document with help of scanner and camera. Lecture notes or important document everything can be saved with the help of computing devices. Conclusion By saving them on the computer, you are not only saving them forever in the top quality but also making it easier to share those beautiful memories with the loved one with the help of internet and by uploading important stuff on the internet; you are making it easier to access those files at the time of need. This Post Brought to you By Michell Starc, Writer at Low Price Company
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