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by on February 23, 2019
Not everyone agrees with this practice but we can tell you that it works, that you do have to keep in mind that only 30-40% of people you follow are those who will follow you later. This is influenced by many things, the quality of your publications, the themes or types of photos you share ... In short, they have to feel identified with you so that they feel motivated. To generate a community you have to interact When I talk about interacting it's not just about answering the comments of your publications, it's about giving value to other people's publications; so it is convenient that if you get a profile that you want to follow you or that you want your community to know you, make comments in your publications or "like" it. The more you interact with other users the more your visibility in this network will grow.

One filter for the entire account It is advisable to always use the same filter and above all do not abuse them, as this can spoil the aesthetics of our photos. A mixture of different filters is not good in a profile in which a photo with a filter of the 70s is next to a black and white. Highlight your stories Now Instagram allows you to save stories at the top of the profile. Save them can be a good cover letter, since when someone accesses an account for the first time, "the highlights" can show the user what you like before they get to see your images. You can create a cover photos for your highlights that follow the same line to give a more professional look. 1 # Instafollow This app is very useful to manage the followers of our Instagram account, since it allows us to know who has stopped following us, what new followers we have, friends in common with other users, among other actions. It also has a premium account with which we can find out who our best followers are, who tell us more or give us more likes. 2 # Real Followers It is an ideal tool to do follow4follow. I like other publications and you will like me, put hashtags and you will receive followers, etc. Therefore, it is an application that will allow you to increase your followers and your visibility. 3 # Turbo Like Turbo Like is an app that allows us to get more likes in our publications quickly and efficiently, without any action. 4 # Follower Insight This application helps us to know if our Instagram account is gaining popularity, what is the best time to publish, which followers follow us, which do not follow, etc. GetFollowers & Likes With Get Followers we can get followers instantly, the only problem is that this tool is not free, but you have to pay to get bonuses, and depending on the bonus you will get a certain number of followers. If you are interested in buying like you can do it in the buyiglikesfast. Followers Track for Instagram This application allows us to perform an analysis of our followers, as well as who has stopped following us, or who we follow but who does not follow us. It also allows us to get followers quickly and easily by theme. Magnify An ideal application to add hashtags to our Instagram posts, since it adds them automatically. Thanks to the use of the hashtags most used by users, we can improve our engagement.
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