Alisha Sharma
by on February 26, 2019
The course on which outsourcing sets the business sector is quite vast and even though some of you might think that call centers are on their end, there is still a vast and new territory that is yet to be explored. With the advent of new technologies like RPA and AI, market experts think that the life-span of call centers is going to be short. However, it is quite opposite. Transformations that technology is running for the business community are actually somewhat presenting both threat and benefit to the call center industry. A threat because technological interventions in the business functions like customer support, data mining, telemarketing, help desk, etc are offering a big peril to the jobs that humans were filling in till now. And benefit because call center sector is now integrating with the ultra-modern technologies ensuring a much superior service experience for the customers. Here are few of the future predictions for the call center sector: The blend of AI and Call Centers Services A lot of call center service providers are already involved in providing the chatbots to the businesses to assist their customers. Especially the e-commerce companies that experience a massive footfall on their website daily has to install uninterrupted and solid assistance for the customers. Chatbots that are based on AI are able to read and interpret the human messages and present suitable responses accordingly. More units will be outsourced While some of the assumptions say that much of technological transition will make call center sector come to its knees, the truth is somewhat inverted. With many new innovations coming in the technology sector, the entire purpose is to bring corporates and customers closer to each other. Various organizations are now trusting the BPOs and contact centers that have integrated their tools with state-of-art technologies. This means that companies are now outsourcing their technology-associated business tasks. Functions such as Blockchain consulting, cloud services, etc are being delegated by the biggest names in the business industry to the competent service providers. So, instead of losing, the call center sector is actually gaining from the advancement of technology. Superior analytics With AI getting smarter every day, trends like Big Data are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s times. In the coming time, call centers will experience ace-level analytics that could be used to extract precise insights from the calls and conversations. Whether it is about finding the customers’ preferences or locating the bottlenecks in the growth process, advanced analytics and accurate performance indicators will present businesses with a much clearer action plan for the future. Cloud and call centers services Cloud communication has successfully covered the business community with its benefits. What’s more intriguing is that now advanced call centers or contact centers are also adopting this rising tech. With so many remote call center agents now becoming prevalent, seamless communication and an uninterrupted collaboration are becoming every BPO’s or contact center’s requirement.
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