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Our facial skin is under so much pressure because everyone notices it and we cannot hide it. Due to the aging process and earth’s gravitational force, the facial skin tends to sag down. Both surgical and non-surgical options for a Facelift surgery are available nowadays. It comes as no surprise that facelift surgery delivers better results than a non-surgical option such as Ultherapy. This article discusses how facelift surgery and Ultherapy works.

This topic is for you if you have sagging facial skin and you want to overcome this issue.

How does Facelift Surgery Works?

Just like other surgical treatments, facelift surgery involves incisions and stitches. As a matter of fact, all surgical treatment involves the risk of complications and side effects. So this procedure is no exception; there are side effects and risks. However, the down time is short and the side effects are temporary.

In a typical surgery to lift the facial skin, a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon makes an incision at less noticeable areas of the face to make required adjustments. It is followed by the removal of extra skin and stitches. The patient has to take proper rest to recover after having this procedure.

How does Ultherapy for Facelift Works?

Do not be afraid if you do not want to undergo a surgical facelift treatment. There are non-surgical options as well; you can lift the skin without taking facelift surgery. One of the non-surgical facelift options is known as Ultherapy which is performed using a device Ulthera.

This treatment has got this name because it is based on ultrasound technology. Ulthera device delivers ultrasound energy to the skin tissues. As a result of this tissue heating, the production of collagen triggers. This leads the skin to become tight and elastic. It is not required to take rest after having it.

Ready to Become Younger?  

After reading about two importance options for a facelift, you might be interested to know how these treatments can help you get tight, elastic, and younger-looking skin. So, book an appointment with your plastic surgeon and ask details about ultherapy treatment and facelift surgery.

Wish you all the best for your facelift journey!

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