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by on March 5, 2019
These days it has become compulsory to install an antivirus in your computer. Without it, your computer is open to all kinds of threats and attacks. You can find many brands of antivirus in the market. Good and strong antivirus software should be able to give maximum protection to your system. Therefore, you must make the choice sensibly. Modern day devices come pre-loaded with antivirus software. You just have to activate it and you can get started. You can do so by just clicking on the link Here are a few steps for how you can activate your pre-installed Mcafee software. • In your computer, you have to open your Mcafee software. In the application, you will find ‘your subscription’ option. Usually, you can find the option under the tab ‘my info’ but the location may be different for different brands. • Under the option, ‘edit profile’, you have to click the option. After that, you will enter the website. • You have to type your email address and click on the next button. • You have to create a password. Remember that you should always give a strong password. Your password must contain letters, numbers and symbols. After that, you have to click on the next option. By following the above steps, your account will be created and your software would be activated. It is also suggested that for activating the software, you must use your present email id. In any case, you forget your password, a mail will be sent to you. also, you can take the help from technical support if in any case, you are unable to register using the above steps. How to Synchronise Your New Mcafee My Account with Your Installed Software • You will find a tool tray in the application. There you have to right click on the Mcafee icon. After that, click on verify the subscription. • As soon as the process is completed, you must open the McAfee software and click on your subscription option. • Check the expiry dates in mcafee activate and you are all set.
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