Anne Chow
by on March 7, 2019
1.General situation of the felt sheets Industry. The National Bureau of Statistics, the State Information Center, the General Administration of Customs, the Trade Association and other authoritative departments have issued statistical information and statistical data, combining all kinds of yearbook information data and financial media information data. This paper analyzes the status of Color Felt Industry from the following aspects: current situation of industry development, current industrial policy, life cycle of industry, degree of market competition and market stability. 2.Analysis Status of color felt Production Chain. Analysising its influence on the development of Christmas cashmere industry qualitatively or quantitatively from the development of upstream and downstream industries and supply and demand of Christmas cashmere industry chain. Combined with specific data, chart analysis, national future industry policy analysis, summed up the upstream and downstream industry development of the Christmas cashmere industry chain, and qualitatively predicted the future development space of Color Felt Industry.
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