Linsa Cole
by on March 8, 2019
There are two kinds of plus size; one who has been plus-size from childhood, and those who gained weight. Eventually, at some point, they both stand on equality, as they tagged with the same word “Plus-size”. However, I have been the one who was under size 8 and has gain weight and now I am one of the ladies who belong to the most flattering size, which is PLUS SIZE. Nowadays, thanks to the body positivity mindset, everybody is empowered to carry their own personal style without the limitations of what a plus-size woman should have or haven't in her closet. It's the high time when we curvy ladies decide how we want to look instead of thinking what others like. You like to put on a loose or fitted silhouette or ready to show off your curves with minis?? PERFECT!! You don't need to think twice before wearing any style of clothing because you belong to a certain shape or size. What you need to focus on; the cuts and designs that suits you the most. Every style of clothing is now available with lots of cuts and designs to look gorgeous on every body type. Leave the thoughts behind, which were like “You won't look GOOD in a trendy wearable.” I understand that everyone has their own unique journey towards body positivity, but in the end, it's your body and your life, love it style-up and be an inspiration for other curvy ladies. With every season’s new trends curves may find it difficult to get current trends in size 12 through 30+ because of the set statement that fat-bodies can't get along well with every new trend, which is WRONG!! We often face the sheer collection and availability of the most popular trends, and that is why I totally depend on Ashley Stewart’s collection. This brand is specialized in plus size clothing and keen to make our stay up-to-the-minute with the entire fashion saga. From the office to casual to party look, check out the featured list of products below from And stay cool by pulling off fall trends in plus. Upper layer!! For a sophisticated look, you definitely need some pieces that can go well when you are at the office or some attending some work meetings. At Ashley, you can get the most colorful to most sober upper layers, Bomber jackets are in demand, which means you can stay casual by layering them as well. Pick the one that can beautifully get along with your personal style. Geo Scuba Blazer Price: $34.65 **Sale** Satin Leopard Bomber Jacket Price: $27.65 **Sale** Sharkbite Belted Trench Coat Price: $55.65 **Sale** Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Price: $41.65 **Sale** Party Dresses!! Either you want to clinch a sassy night out dress or any outfit to look stunning at some occasion or party, has huge versatility of designs, cuts, colors, and fabric to make your prompt. They also have sections called LBD, LWD and other dresses sections to fulfill your requirement easily. Here, we have featured some of the pieces, so get one of your choices. Animal Print Hanky Hem Dress Price: $38.15 **Sale** Lace Bodice Special Occasion Dress Price: $58.98 **Sale** Gold Plate Belt Maxi Dress Price: $47.99 **Sale** It’s just the glimpse of what you can expect from the oh-so-cool-plus-size store Ashley Stewart. They aren't being the favorite of mine, just because they have everything and anything of wearable for plus size, but their reasonable pricing and even discount offers are to go simply crazy for. Be a curvalicious and keep trying trends and anything you love to wear with Ashley. Have a super-tactic shopping time, Good Luck!!
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