Amelia Smith
by on March 8, 2019
Having been rumored to be holding a collaborative event with one of the famous fighting games, it is still not clear how the event will later be the only clue there. But after a long wait Mobile Legends seems to be releasing Bingo events first to global servers. This event itself is now on the advanced server, reported from ml leaks, that you can get at the bingo event later by issuing a number of diamonds first. For each roll you need to spend 225 diamonds for 10 rolls. But the unique thing is that if your account first rolls a number of 10 rolls in the event, you will definitely get the epic permanent new skin, but if you already have the skin, you will get a skin fragment instead of watch carefully. The prize roll is quite varied, starting from fragment skin, magic wheel potion, hero fragment, to getting a skin. You will get a bingo bonus! if you successfully a skin from the event, where if you get 3 bingo! in diagonal and vertical columns there will be a bonus skin that awaits you. Now, you can get free diamonds using mobile legends cheats whatever you are using PC and mobile. There are a total of eight epic skins that you can target from lesley sentinel, mermaid princess, bone, imperial, god of war, lancelot royal matador, and finally 10 times a guarantee of the maiden roll . It is still unknown that the exact date of this event will be released on the global server of Bingo event, aka the main server. But it seems the time will be much closer when compared to the king of fighter collaboration event. To keep the players at home in the Mobile Legends game, Moonton as the developer continues to provide updates to the game. In addition to presenting a new hero, every time there is always an interesting event that is ready to be followed by the players for free or paid.

Bingo Event Confirmed

Yesterday, there was widespread information that revealed that Mobile Legends would cooperate with the King of Fighter game, but the information was still unclear because there had been no official statement from the developer itself. Currently not yet been released and is clear, but Moonton has rolled out the Bingo event first on Advanced Server. So it's likely that this regular Bingo event will be present on a global server. Then, for other prizes in this Bingo event, among others, such as Fragment Skin, Magic Wheel Potion, Hero Fragment, and certain skins. Then, when you succeed in bingo, you will also get a bonus skin.In addition to the certainty of getting the Maiden skin, there are several Epic skins that can be found in this event, starting from Lesley to Lancelot. Currently still on Advanced Server, there is still no certainty about its presence at the Original Server Mobile Legends.
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