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Smart Way to Remove Tree Stump

No matter how much money you spend on renovating or rejuvenating your backyard, a stump is always an eyesore. It takes away the beauty and charm of the whole garden. Even if you try to cover it by using so-called DIY ideas, it always looks awkward. The best way is to get rid of that ugly thing. But how? How will you remove the stubborn stump? You can do it by using a stump grinder. Yes, it is a wonder- machine that can give you some more space in the garden to use. Do you think that removing a stump with the help of a stump grinder isn’t your cup of tea? Well, if you read the blog thoroughly up to the end, then you will have a different opinion.

Using a stump grinder is not that tough as you always thought

Whether it is a small stump or huge, you have to go systematically and slowly. Read the operating instructions and safety warnings first. • Make the ground ready:Before you begin, it is important to clear the work site. Make the place clear. Remove all unwanted stuff. • Wear safety gears: You should wear shirt and trousers of full-length. Wear your safety glasses, dust mask, and gloves. Keep the pets and kids away from the site. Remove all debris and stones from the place. • Cut the stump above the ground: You should cut the stump just 100 mm above the ground. You can use large chainsaw. It reduces your work when you use the stump grinder. • Use the stump grinder: Now you should use a stump grinder to remove the remaining part. Adjust the handle and bring it to the comfortable situation. As you start cutting the stump, you have to change the position continuously as the stump size reduces. Of course, you must stop the grinder while changing the position. • Make use of the wheels for easy cutting: One of the wheels remains locked where others move. You need to unlock the wheel and push the grinder. It makes the grinding easy. Sweep the grinder so that you reach every part of the stump accurately. • Grind the trunk below the surface: You must grind the stump below the surface of the garden. Cover the area with soil once you remove everything. You need to clean the area first. Voila! The ugly stump is no more. You get a small piece of land for better use! If you are looking for experienced tree removal services, then MJS Tree & Stump is providing the best tree removal, stump removal and arborist services in the Adelaide or anywhere in the Adelaide Hills area. Give a call at 08 8391 5700 for a free estimate. Read More: 1. How Can Stump Removal Experts Save Your Money? 2. 5 Helpful Tips for Removing a Tree Stump
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