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by on March 15, 2019
Fans of a game make it worth watching. They bring in the energy, passion, and emotions that ignite igniting the true essence of that game making it far more fascinating. Speaking of passionate fans, WWE boasts one of the greatest and the most fervent following of all. These fans are eager to showcase their love for the game and the celebrities performing in it, and what better way to do that than to buy their official merchandise? Ryan Barkan, the founder of Pro Wrestling Tees, realized the potential of this idea almost a decade ago. Today, his business is a multi-million dollar venture that sells original merchandise of over 1200 wrestler of the game. How he goes there is a story worth reading. Pro Wrestling Tees was established in 2013. Prior to that, Ryan had worked in a variety of different fields. He started off as a website designer before founding his first ever company called “Creative Ventures Inc.”. The Chicago-based company was a predecessor of Pro-Wrestling Tees. Here, Ryan used to design digitally printed t-shirts for customers. In just a few months of finding the Creative Venture Inc., Ryan had realized the potential of this business. People came pouring in to have their customized tees printed thereby establishing a large customer base for the company. As the venture grew, Ryan decided to make some alterations in the name of the company. He turned ‘Creative Venture Inc.’ into ‘One Hour Tees’. Little did Ryan know, this mere change in name was a change in the fate of his company. Back in 2010, one of the renowned wrestlers from WWE, Colt Cabana, reached out to Ryan to design a t-shirt for CM-Punk. This was a perfect time for Ryan to develop his PR. Thanks to his exquisite entrepreneurial skills, Colt Cabana reached out to Ryan one more time after a few months. This time, he wanted to create merchandise for the promotion of his podcast. This gave Ryan’s business a lot of hype as fans and followers of Colt Cabana wanted to get customized tees made through Ryan’s venture. The demand of wrestling tees got so high that Ryan decided to dedicate his entire business to wrestling, consequently changing the name to “Pro Wrestling Tees” in 2013. Pro Wrestling Tees is associated with a wide range of WWE celebrities including Stone Cold Steve Austin, Andre The Giant, Code Rhodes, Hulk Hogan, and many more. All of these wrestlers get their official tees designed through Pro Wrestling Tees which sells them via its e-commerce website. Regardless of the wrestler you are a fan of, this company is likely to have its original merchandise in stock. Furthermore, with 12,000+ designs to choose from, Pro Wrestling Tees even offers the shirts that your favorite celebrity might have worn at a particular event. After years of operations through digital, the company launched its first-ever retail outlet two years ago. In addition to the WWE, fans of New Japan Wrestling can also order their favorite wrestling tees via Ryan’s venture. Pro Wrestling Tees has become one of the top sellers of wrestling-related tees. You can place your orders through their website
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