Aliza Mughal
by on March 19, 2019
Sell4bids is a free marketplace application connecting people who want to sell and buy new or used stuff locally. If you are in the USA, Dallas, or just about any other countries in the world, you can sell and buy used stuff online fast and easily. This is an online marketplace service that can get you in contact with sellers in your nearby that have exactly what you are searching for, at costs that are low and aggressive. Sell4bids is the simple and quickest way for individual business people and private ventures to market and sell their own online business quality items for nothing on their cell phones. Basically, Sell4bids puts cash in the pockets of sellers and save buyers money and time. Pay with credit and charge cards or use escrow installments. Choose from a variety of product categories – You’ll find Bike, cars, Mobiles, fashion, homes, kids’ stuff, Free used stuff, electronics, Xbox, games, computers, laptops, entertainment, event tickets, jewelry, watches and much more. Free to download app and free to use this. No cost and No monthly fee. To get started its very easy – you need your mobile phone number, name, email and city address. Buyer and seller can send messages privately. Download Sell4bids now, with your personal Gmail account. Then, start snap a product photo with your mobile camera, post it and start sell and buy used stuff. FOR SELLERS • The Quick Sell include empowers sellers to consult continuously with buyers, close the exchange quicker and acknowledge card installments in the chat window. • MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT – Money to your account is received in 20 to 30 hours, typically. some countries the funds can be received at the same day. • APP MARKETPLACE – Every item posting gives the buyer perceivability and data to the thing your selling. Buyer browse the Sell4bids daily to see what’s new and to find cool new stuff. FOR BUYERS •- The Sell4bids marketplace is like one big digital marketplace online with thousands of great, unique and high-quality stuffs. You can browse locally in your nearby or nationally in your country to find the items you need. • Send a free text SMS from the app and negotiate with seller for buy a product. • Browsing for great products is a beautiful experience and incredibly simple. The best user-interface design makes your life better and enjoyable.
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