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by on March 19, 2019
Women all across the world are constantly looking for ways to empower one another, after being the oppressed gender for decades on end. As a matter of fact, there are still several ways in which women are not treated equally as opposed to men who are often labeled to have it a lot easier in comparison, even in this era and generation. However, there is a lot that has changed in the world today and with several women empowerment movements, it’s safe to say that there are plenty of different ways in which women have helped pick one another up.
As a matter of fact, women are stronger now than ever before and have continued to prove this by the careers that they have chosen as well as the variety of choices that they have made in recent times. However, for women that are young, the lessons of life are yet to be learned and understood. This is exactly why women, such as Arch Hades, are nothing short of heroic women for their own gender as well as for those who may feel left out even in large crowds.
Who Is Arch Hades?
Arch Hades is a British poet who took to Instagram to disclose the feelings she felt in her heart when she got married and divorced at the mere age of 25. Born in 1992, Arch Hades has always been one who loved poetry, writing and everything in between. After sharing her heartbreak in verse for the first time, Hades received a great response on the popular social media channel, Instagram. She developed a fan following in little to no time merely because of her original yet breathtaking quality of poetry. Arch Hades has 160k followers on Instagram as of right now and each of her poetries strums a chord in one’s heart since it is that raw and pure.
In fact, Arch Hades is also considered to be Britain’s most successful and celebrated Instagram poets of this generation. Hades’ poetry is inspired by her own experiences as well as poets that are renowned, such as Byron, Brodsky, Larkin and Aldington, to name a few. Arch Hades’ poetry collection has also been published in paperback form under the name High Tide: Poetry & Postcards. Her collection is one of the top selling on Amazon with a 5-star customer rating. The book is in two parts with the first one being her poetry and the second, postcards that she sent to loved ones.
The reason why Arch Hades' poetry helps empower women so much is that it helps women understand that they are not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel no matter how bad it might seem right now. After all, good poetry always has the power to ensure that the heart feels warm and comforted regardless of how bad times may be at current. Arch Hades has sold thousands of copies of her publication which goes to show that she is a poet that is loved across the world.
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