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by on March 22, 2019
Technology has taken a major leap in the past few decades. With the internet becoming common and Internet of Things taking over the tech industry, enterprises are keen to adapt to newer ways of making processes as efficient as possible. Among the swiftly growing trends within the tech industry, we have recently seen Robotic Process Automation carving its way to the surface. With AI becoming more common and applicable, RPA has also taken a significant boost in the modern tech world. To help you better comprehend the growing scope of Robotic Process Automation, experts deduced through research that by 2024, companies will be spending a mind-boggling $8.75B on RPA, and here is why. It offers seamless operations The best part about RPA is that it automates the routine operations at your enterprise. Most often than not, companies and their key personnel are busy focusing on tasks like the generation of payrolls, reconciliation of statements, generating invoices, and other similar functions. These are tedious tasks that RPA can handle smartly and in lesser time. In fact, research conducted by ‘Automation Anywhere’ suggested that RPA can automate such tasks 70% faster. It reduces Costs One of the biggest pros of using RPA within your business operations is that it cuts down the costs big time. According to an estimate, this tech offers an up to 30% savings as opposed to conducting similar tasks manually. Moreover, enterprises have even started deploying RPAs to replace entire jobs since the tech is smarter, efficient, and cost-effective than an employee. It mitigates risks Humans are subject to making mistakes as a result of exhaustion or tiredness. This is yet another area where Robotic Process Automation is taking the lead. It is susceptible to fewer, if any, errors which make RPA even more reliable. RPAs have allowed enterprises to make the most of their valued human talent. Companies deploying this software are sparing key individuals from routine tasks to more value-generating areas of the business. Heads of Departments get more time to develop critical strategies and draft vital plans for the company’s future. Enterprises like PTC System (S) Pte Ltd are already on the verge of offering Robotic Process Automation to their clients. How PTC System (S) Pte Ltd Helps PTC System (S) Pte Ltd was established in 1991 by the visionary entrepreneur SS Lim. SS Lim dove into the tech industry back when it was starting to flourish. For the past couple of decades, this company has been offering unparalleled IT solutions to its clients allowing them to create a firm IT structure for their enterprise. Being a leading IT firm, PTC System (S) Pte Ltd has continuously expanded its range of services. Today, it is offering solutions in areas of data mining, cybersecurity, cloud, hybrid IT, data analytics, and RPA, etc. SS Lim has also started providing consultancy services to its clients assisting them in the deployment of customized IT solutions. To learn more about PTC System (S) Pte Ltd, visit their website,
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