Rohan Dhawan
by on March 24, 2019
Success in any kind of business is often a matter of luck, it is due to many factors beyond the control of a business owner. Hence many business owners are superstitious and are willing to spend time and money to improve their luck. Feng shui originated from China and literally means water and wind. Complying with the Feng shui norms for a property can greatly improve the luck of those living or owning the property. The Feng shui consultant will suggest some Feng shui items for the office which can greatly improve the luck of the business owner, others working in the office, improve productivity. Lee Li Yen is a reputed Feng shui consultant with a large number of customers all over India. They have used her services to improve their luck, become wealthy and successful. Many of her customers are business owners and professionals who used her Feng shui consultancy services for becoming lucky. She specializes in property Feng shui services. Online Feng shui consultancy services are offered in major cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Lucknow, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. She also offers in-person consultancy in Delhi and Chennai whenever she is in the city. For availing the online consultancy services of Lee, the business owner should send details of the property where the business is located to Lee. These details are the office, shop or property layout with the four directions marked on it. If the property owner does not have a computer they can send a hand drawn a layout to Lee. Lee will then analyze the layout and provide appropriate Feng shui advice. She will suggest modifications or alterations in the property so that it will conform to Feng shui norms and bring better luck to all those work there. This may involve purchasing various Feng shui products and placing them in suitable locations to greatly improve the luck of the business owner. Unlike other Feng Shui consultants who are often asking their customers to spend a lot of money to conform to Feng shui norms, she takes pride in asking her customers to only purchase the Feng shui items which are necessary. Additionally, Lee can also help in designing new commercial properties so that they will conform to feng shui norms. Lee advises her clients to only purchase genuine five element Feng shui products which contain the Wood, Earth, metal, fire, and water.  A wide range of businesses can avail of the consultancy offered by Lee to improve their luck. Beauty salons, healthcare clinics, restaurants, small business shops, offices, cabins are some of the business who can improve their luck using Feng Shui. For the benefit of her customers, Lee also sells genuine Feng shui products online (Buy from here- made from metal, wood, and earth. These genuine products can be purchased online. Most of the customers who have used Lee's consultancy services are extremely happy with her services, as their luck has greatly improved and they are feeling happier. Lee is friendly and her customers find that their positive energy has increased significantly.
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