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by on March 28, 2019
There has been a paradigm shift in the construction ideas during the past few decades, and the construction of a swimming pool Adelaide is also not an exception. Gone are the old days when the prototype model was; a small home, a widespread backyard (with no fencing), and a large swimming pool were the prototype ideas. Nowadays, we have large living areas, relatively smaller backyard & a fully-functional sophisticated pool. Of course, the whole area is covered with fencing. The size of the pool has shrunk, and people want advanced facilities & comforts. It makes the task difficult for pool designers & interior decorators. Not only they are required to keep the user requirements into consideration, but the planning regulations & safety norms as well. The blog talks about some important things that must be considered in today’s era.

Don’t Forget The ‘lifestyle’ aspect

What does it mean by ‘lifestyle’? It means the pool should provide the comfort & luxury of a five-star swimming pool. The pool should integrate seamlessly with the rest of the home and contribute to its beauty and aesthetic appeal. The design, details, and features; everything should be larger than life.

Other Considerations

• Make use of the property boundary if the backyard is small. Thus, you use every inch of the available space. • If the yard is big, then restrict the pool to two-thirds of the area. The remaining space can be used for landscaping, building a spa or exercise area, or developing a kitchen garden. • The direction of the poo matters. The best directions are West and North. The pools in the East or South will be quite cold. Of course, it depends on the location of the land. • If you are not going to spend time on the poolside, then there is no need for the building seating area. Leave the space open, instead. • The location of the pool should be visible from all areas in the house. It ensures the safety of the kids and also gives you a visual treat. • Make sure you have a single or double-side access to the pool. Using modern cleaning systems, you can keep it thoroughly clean. Don’t waste space in creating an all-around walkthrough. According to architects, the pool should feel like an extension to your home. The architecture should match with the underlying architecture so that the transition is smooth. Hence, you need a creative and imaginative designer.
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