Aliza Mughal
by on March 29, 2019
It’s obvious that consumers feel comfortable to sell and buy used stuff through online shopping platforms than selling and buying used stuff locally. However, that comfort can often cause serious problems and the user might have to pay a serious price for that. In order to be safe while doing your favorite task i.e. online shopping; have a look at some precautions which can keep you safe. Keep your personal information safe: If you think that most valuable information you have is your credit card number but it is actually your social security number and driver’s license. Hacking user’s information becomes easier if such information is there. So, no one should ever put his social security number on public platforms. Prefer using Credit cards: Using credit cards is safest because the buyer can easily claim his money back if the product needs to be returned. Claiming money back becomes easier for the buyers. Moreover, the buyer should also keep a record of his bank statements. This helps to review the transactions made while shopping online. Put security questions: Buyers might have noticed that trustworthy and secure websites always convince you to set up security questions like your hobby, your first or your grandparent’s name. every safe buyer and seller will set up those questions so that no one could assess the information easily. Two–factor authentication: If the online auction marketplace and shopping websites offer two-factor authentication process every time you log in, then go for it. It might take an extra few seconds but it can protect from being harmed. If someone by any chance has access to your password, he or she still have to go through the second authentication process. Don’t save the information: It becomes boring and tedious when the buyer and seller have to fill their personal information every time, they sell and buy used stuff. It is better to invest extra energy and a few minutes than saving your personal information especially your credit card numbers and passwords on your account. The more the shopping website knows about you the more risk you can face. Sell4bids Register Now

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