Oscar Shepherd
by on March 29, 2019
The single most important question on everyone’s mind when it comes to the music industry is: What’s next? We’re constantly on the lookout for anything new and interesting to catch our attention. With the music industry being as diverse as it is, it isn’t long before we find a new entertainer making headlines. Some of them come out with a bang, while others have been in the industry for quite a few years before they officially make a mark. There have been people who’ve sung in a completely foreign language, yet they have a worldwide following. Why? Because no matter where you are or what languages you can comprehend – a good beat can get anyone in their feels.
That is the whole essence of music. Music is probably the only form of self-expression that can be comprehended by a vast audience without the need of much of a backstory or a prospective look into a distant future. Furthermore, music is known to bring people together. In a setting where you feel happy and are dancing along to the music, you'd undoubtedly feel less self-conscious and allow yourself to engage with people like you in the crowd who are all there for a good time.
We’ve experienced numerous artists who’ve made it big last year, the following is a list of artists you’ll definitely be hearing more from in this year:
Coi Leray:
Back in 2011, Coi Leray uploaded her first every music video onto YouTube. The song was titled ‘Benzino' and it featured a young Coi Leray rapping along to a song as her father filmed the music video. Now, at 20 years old, Coi has come a long way from the brace-faced young eleven-year-old we once saw in Benzino. Today, Coi Leray has been making waves on both sound cloud and on YouTube with various trash-talking, money-making hits.
Mutant Academy:
As mentioned before, it may take a few years for some artists to leave their mark in the music industry. Back in 2009, Henny L.O. and Fly Anakin founded Mutant Academy in Richmond, Virginia. Mutant Academy is a collective of rappers and performing artists that have transformed the music scene whilst also keeping true to the original cast and crew that have taken them to the lengths they’re at today. Their music style is mostly in-house music.
J. ills:
Jonathan Gabriel Wills, known professionally as J. ills is a young man who has achieved far more in his career as an entertainer than many his senior. This young eighteen-year-old has amassed an outstanding following on social media with over one-hundred thousand followers on Instagram alone. His form of self-expression has allowed an audience to associate him with some of the greats.
Sada Baby:
The rap industry in Detroit is one with many prospective rappers emerging from the streets. However, with as many rappers as it gives out to the rest of the world, it also holds back twice as many. For years Sada Baby had been working on his music and allowing himself to mold his music and personality apart from the general stereotypical rap image. 2019 might just be his year.
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