Mike Lee
by on March 29, 2019

Flying, while exciting and convenient can also be pretty stressful. Thoughtfully packing only to realize you forgot your deodorant, leaving home at four in the morning and still having to wait in long security lines, but the worst might just be returning only to realize you have not only forgotten which floor you parked on, but which parking garage altogether. Your best bet for ensuring a pleasant parking experience is to seek out one of Fort Lauderdale’s airport Shuttle services. There are many that serve the South Florida travel industry and surrounding hotels as well. With these chauffeurs, you park in their more manageable parking lots away from the airfields property or are picked up from your hotel and are taken to your flight by the companies own fleet of vehicles. This makes the parking process much more streamlined and allows you to focus more on remembering to pack all of your toiletries including your deodorant.

Choosing an airport shuttle service in Fort Lauderdale does not have to be hard. Many chauffeur resources exist in the South Florida area, but very few give many options of where you can be picked up, or go, or what kind of transportation is offered. When considering which company to use you need to consider what times their buses run and if that works with your flight plans, the convenience of their work and what kind of transportation you need. Most companies offer rides nonstop all day, but that is something you will want to know before arriving. Much like arriving at the actual airfield, you may want to think about getting to your transportation provider just a bit early to be sure everything goes as smooth as possible that is, unless the come to you. Arriving early ensures that your transport to the airfield will be as convenient as possible. The majority of driver companies have a rotation of a handful of buses that go to and from the airfield, but some of Fort Lauderdale’s premier airport shuttle services also offer options to reserve more private vehicles which also allow for more flexible transportation.

Convenience is a huge advantage of choosing to use a driver instead of parking at the airfield. For this reason you may also like to find a business that keeps track of your flight plans. Not all companies offer this, and many require that you call them when you land or that you just wait around for their next vehicle to come by. The companies that keep track of customers flights and make sure that they can get you there with plenty of time are there to pick you up when you arrive are worth every penny for the luxury of having transportation taken care of for you. With transportation taken care of you are also given the freedom to relax and think about what you need to do when you get to the airfield or gives you a minute to mentally unpack after returning. This also can make traveling with children just a little bit easier. Instead of having to corral your children through the parking lot with all their luggage a driver will drop you and your party off right outside the check in counter.

Fort Lauderdale's airport shuttle services also are more likely to know the traffic patterns of the area. It is a safer bet to trust someone who knows the area to get you there on time than to risk getting turned around or getting stuck in more traffic than you thought there would be. The drivers for these companies are familiar with all the variables that might arise at the different times of the day and are confident that they can get you to your destination on time. The driver’s knowledge of the area and the local traffic patterns also makes for a safer trip. The safety alone is reason enough to use an transportation company, however, the convenience and cost effectiveness are still obvious and attractive benefits.

If safety for yourself is not enough, the safety of your car and any belongings left inside might be another appealing reason to leave your car off premises. Instead of being another one of the hundreds and hundreds of cars that are parked in garages at the airfield, leaving your car off property from the airfield and in smaller areas may provide some extra safety from your car getting dinged or worse, being broken into. The number of cars hit or dinged by others being careless and the number of cars that are burglarized at airfield’s is surprising, but with the sheer volume of cars it is difficult to ensure the security of them all. Without the shroud of hundreds of cars to hide among, your vehicle might have a better chance of being spared any harm while you are away.

Travelers who are not parking their car at the airfield will sometimes choose to use a taxi company or one of the similar businesses instead of choosing to use a private shuttle services in florida. While these third party drivers provide a similar level of convenience, the level of customer satisfaction is often inconsistent and the price is usually higher. Taxi and ride sharing companies can offer inconsistent care because it is unlikely that you will be driven by the same employee repeatedly, but with a shuttle company, divers are held accountable for their quality of care by their employers and by the client. With more at risk from a bad review, these drivers take care to be sure that their passengers are safe and satisfied with the ride.

The price of using one of these companies may seem like an unnecessary expense, but the advantages make up for any extra cost several times over. The safety, timeliness, cost effectivity and level of convenience will make your travel experience more enjoyable and less stressful. When planning for your next vacation or business trip it may be worth your while to search for a quality driver to ensure smooth and safe travels.

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