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by on April 4, 2019
Operating and maintaining the wastewater treatment plant is a complex process. But it is essential for the successful treatment of wastewater before it’s been discharged into the environment. Industrial wastewater is a by-product of industrial processes, and it is separate from the domestic sources of wastewater. Properly operating and maintaining the wastewater treatment plant design according to the regulations includes many requirements. Here are the top considerations that will help you to ensure your plant operates to its full potential.


The first thing to consider is communicating with the environmental authority about your plan for discharging industrial wastewater treatment plant design. The authority may ask you to submit a permit application or notice of intent which typically describes the sources, characteristics, and volumetric flow of the industrial wastewater you will discharge.


When a new process is brought on-board, you must get into the early planning stages for determining what waste (if any) will contribute to the wastewater discharge. It is important for you to review the material data sheets for every product used in the new process; also do the sample analyses on the waste to confirm if it poses any discharge compliance concerns.

Influent Characteristics

Being a waste generator, you must be aware of the processes producing your waste streams. Review your procedure on how products and reagents are combined for producing wastewater streams. Once you have the handle on the character and variability of the wastewater, you can develop protocols and have a wastewater treatment plant design that will ensure continuous and compliant operation.

Flow Measurement

Wastewater operators must know the mass balance of how much water flows into the facility, and how many pollutants are there in the wastewater. A thorough understanding of the whole process can be obtained by conduction mass balances on all the constituents; this leads to the optimal performance of the system. The flow rate is arguably the most critical factor while calculating the capacity of a treatment system. You will be in a constant battle trying to ensure that your wastewater is adequately treated, and any upset could lead to a major clean-up or compliance problem in your hands.

Operator Management

It is essential for operators to know their daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities. Operators are the key resources in wastewater treatment plant design. They are responsible for managing probes, pumps, filtration equipment, general housekeeping, testing alarms, or any other tasks to have a safe and orderly facility. New technologies which require minimal operator engagement enables them to spend more time on these critical and varying responsibilities.
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