Julia Peter
by on April 4, 2019
In this article, we will be focusing on the essential features of the best pocket knives. Generally, there is a huge variety of pocket knives available in the markets and online stores; however, roughly stated, we can divide the pocket knives into two categories: the traditional pocket knives and the modern version of the pocket knives. Moreover, if we refer to the EDC pocket knives, then the majority of us keep thinking about the folding blades or the spring assisted pocket knives. On the other hand, when talking about those blades with the purpose of making tactical use of it in the form of survival knives and military knives, then we refer to the fixed-bladed knives which are the strongest and sturdiest versions of the blades. Let's proceed to find out the essential differences between the modern EDC knives and the traditional EDC knives. The Essential Features of the Traditional Pocket Knife The traditional EDC blades comprise of specific patterns and features. In other words, the traditional blades were unlikely the folding blades; on the contrary, these were specifically designed to meet the need of certain people working in certain professions. An example of this aspect is the blade with the "Stockman" pattern which was originally constructed to be used by the professional farmers; the stockyard employees, and the ranchers. The previously mentioned workers used their knives for a variety of tasks, such as neutering their livestock or the trimming of the hooves. Apart from the "Stockman" knives, the pen knives were specifically developed and manufactured to be used and carried by clerks or layers in order to make effective use of these while sharpening their writing "quills". The traditional folding blades are also part of the collection of many knife enthusiasts who like to collect knives and blades. The "Ballow" patterned knife is another example of the traditional version of the EDC knives; however, this blade was specifically designed to be sued as an all-purpose utility blade. Other examples of the traditional blades include the traditional hunting blades, such as the "Folding Hunter Buck 110". The Essential Features of the Modern Pocket Knife The modern version of the pocket knife has been developed from the traditional version of the pocket knife. At the time of the traditional blades, the workers from the various fields of life were required to carry a knife/blade on daily basis due to their working requirements; however, with the emergence of modern times, there is no real need of carrying an EDC blade with you at all times. Therefore, knife manufactures came up with a different idea and began to develop slightly changed blades which included more of the tactical features and other features which are essential to make a good survival knife. In other words, the modern blade differs from the traditional blade with respect to the inclusion of an essentially tactical framework and design. The distinction between both the blade types is vividly recognized when one places a traditional blade and a modern blade side by side. The modern version of the EDC knives couldn't have been possible without the technological advancements in the production and manufacturing process of the blades. There is a huge variety of pocket knives available to choose from depending on the need and purpose of the knife user. With the development of the more aggressive and essentially sturdy features, such as the inclusion of a pommel designed to break through the glass in an emergency situation or the manufacturing of partially serrated blades, the modern version of the EDC knives have reached another level with respect to customer demands and needs. In other words, if one wants to install a new carpet in their living room, they might just grab an amazing Spyderco blade and do the needful task instead of relying on a traditional blade, such as the folding version of the traditional Buck knife. The modern version of the EDC knives emerged in the 1990s and instantly gained worldwide popularity due to their essentially aggressive badass design; framework, blade material, handle-grip, and the over-all touch and feel of the knife. If you are looking for a reliable version of the Pocket Knives, we recommend getting one of the fixed-blade knives.
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