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by on April 5, 2019

Jelloon’s newly launched Personal Floatation Device (PFD) and Aqua exercise Equipment are lightweight and designed for people who love to take pleasure in water activities as well as keep them safe. This device is lightweight, compact, and can be easily carried on the water.

Swimmers wearing black wetsuits are almost invisible in the open water. The aqua aerobics Equipment is brightly-colored and exceptionally noticeable to boaters, surfers, jet skis, paddlers, and visible from space. Get better your visibility to keep away from getting decapitated by a speed boat or jet ski.

If you want to keep yourself safe or keep an eye on your buddies or loved ones Aqua Exercise Equipment is what satisfies your security desires. Now no more worries while you or your kids are enjoying the play in water, as Jelloon aqua fitness equipment is compact and lightweight.

Jelloon aqua exercise Equipment is compact for ease to carry and also can be customize based on weight. It comes with a patent valve that is designed for the user to inflate the device with no trouble to suit his/her own buoyancy devoid of the need to bit the inlet. It contains a longer tube which gives better balancing in water. It comes with 2 year warranty.

The Jelloon Aqua Aerobics Equipment is made using only high strength materials. It provides superior levels of safety performance. All Equipments are suitable not only when you are enjoying swimming but also work as a visibility support while waiting for help in water. This PFD fits approximately any person and it’s enormous for fishing and other water sports and games.

This Lightweight PFD is effortless to repack and reuse after finishing your water deeds.

About Jelloon

Jelloon is owned and operated by Mason, an experienced Mechanical Engineer. The name Jelloon comes from the concept in the JB series - "Jelly Balloon". The business aims to offer best safety solutions and adopt only high quality materials for all their aqua products.

For additional information and details about Jelloon products, please visit their official website.

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