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If you have lost one or more teeth, you can face various issues including aesthetic and functional issue. Mean to say, people feel discouraged while smiling and face difficulty in chewing food. A dental implant treatment delivers a tooth just like a natural one. This way, the quality of life of the person will increase. This article discusses how long dental implants last. 

If you want to get a tooth that feels and looks natural, this topic is for you.

Dental Implant Treatment

People often lose a tooth due to accident or infection. Losing a tooth is not easy and living without is even harder. What to do to restore the lost joy of life? Well, there are different ways to get back a lost tooth. Having bridges or dental implant are two notable options. The three components of a dental implant are mentioned below:  

  1. Crown
  2. Implant
  3. Abutment

Life of a Dental Implant  

The quick answer is; a dental implant lasts for a lifetime. However, there are more things to be discussed here. Just like natural teeth need proper care to avoid damage and infection, an implanted tooth also need proper care and regular check-ups.

Moreover, the crown placed on an implant will last for 10 to 15 days. The location in the mouth also defines the life of the crown and implant. The dental implants inserted on the front side of the mouth may last longer because they experience less strain. 

Get Back Your Lost Tooth!

You have read a long-lasting tooth can be obtained through dental implant surgery. If you do not have one or more teeth, you should immediately take this procedure to improve the quality of life. You might have questions and one of the dental surgeons in your area can help you. So make a list of questions, book an appointment with your professional, and learn more about it.

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