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by on April 16, 2019
Minnesota Twins are the talk of the internet these days, fans are increasing by the number of tons not to mention Minnesota Twins Tickets are selling like crazy. If you are one of those crazy fans hyped to see your favorite team going good at the field? You better book Cheap Minnesota Twins Tickets right away before it goes out of sale like it usually does. Twins started the season with wins that might be recorded as one of the best starts in the franchise. I mean 8 wins in first 12 games of the season and being at the first place in the American League Central, they may be in to make history. Want to see how they do it? Bbtix is selling some Minnesota Twins Match Tickets. Get them now if you don’t want to miss out which may be the best start of the team yet. Though we’re talking about 12 games only which obviously isn’t enough to make to a 100 or plus games wins to make that playoff spot, nevertheless an 8-4 record is pretty rare in itself. To be exact, this team here is the 5th in the Twin’s history to start with an 8-4 score since 1989 and 11th to do it in 59 years. Following are a few mentionable years in the franchise history: 2010: 9-3 (finished 94-68, lost ALDS to Yankees) 2005: 8-4 (finished 83-79, no playoffs) 2004: 8-4 (finished 92-70, lost ALDS to Yankees) 2001: 9-3 (finished 85-77, no playoffs) 1991: 3-9 *won World Series* 1987: 8-4 (finished 85-77, won World Series) 1973: 8-4 (finished 81-81, no playoffs) 1972: 9-3 (finished 77-77, no playoffs) 1970: 8-4 (finished 98-64, lost ALCS to Orioles) 1968: 8-4 (finished 79-83, no playoffs) 1965: 8-4 (finished 102-60, lost World Series to Dodgers) 1961: 9-3 (finished 70-90, no playoffs) The team has even won the top spot for the best 12-game start in the past 30 years in 2001 and 2010. We can assume the best is still to come and you can be one of the few to witness this. All you’ve got to do is get that Minnesota Twins Tickets Discount Coupon Bbtix is offering and you are all set. The twins have been going 9-3, 13-5 to 19-9 in 2010 when they suddenly started falling a bit against Yankees and Red Sox. But they quickly recovered as well going 26-20 by the end of May and an impressive 46-42 to get an All-Star break. This kept on getting hotter till they ended the season with 94 wins before getting wiped out by Yankees in playoffs. Whereas, in 2001 Twins were at their peak by the Mid-May with a 30-13 record. They staggered a little by the mid of June losing 12 of 16 games but even at that point they were 42-30. Then they went on and won 15 out of 18 games to get a 57-33 record on the 14th of July. They were at their highest at that time with 84 wins and no playoffs. They might get even better in 2019 so stay tuned and watch where they go this season with these Minnesota Twins Match Tickets. It would not be exaggerating to say 2001 Twins were by far were the most memorable. They won six division titles between 2002 and 2010.
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