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by on April 16, 2019

Tired of pampering yourself with spa, massage & other techniques and now looking for something that can never be forgotten? Looking for something that will bring out a scream of delight? Give a try to indoor skydiving. Indoor skydiving (also known as or "body flying") is an activity for those who are looking for some thrill. It provides an extended experience of flying up to 10 feet above the ground without ever going outside.

Indoor skydiving was actually born in the USA in 1964. The very first SkyVenture wind tunnel opened in Orlando, Florida, in 1998. The idea behind wind tunnel designing was to reproduce the feeling that one experiences in skydiving. Indoor skydiving allows a flying thriller to do all the things that a skydiver do. It provides the full experience of free-falling in a safe environment without the danger of a long drop and bad weather. So, just go and have a fun-filled experience that you will never forget. Indoor skydiving will facilitate you like:

Throwing into the wind

It provides you an experience of throwing into the rush of the air. Everything is controlled by experts within a wind tunnel to give a whole sensation of skydiving without having to jump out of an airplane.

Feel like flying without wings

Flying in a wind tunnel will allow you to fly like a bird up to 10 feet high with no restrictions that make you feel like you own the skies. The wind tunnel generates over 120 miles per hour wind through waves of sensational air to give you a safe flying experience.

Fun-filled experience for all age people

Some people think that only adults can enjoy indoor skydiving, which is completely wrong. Children even 4 years old can enjoy flying within a controlled wind tunnel without any previous experience.

Check the facilities given by SuperFlight

If you are a flying lover and seeking for something to thrill yourself, a thrilling experience of wind tunnel skydiving can be yours in Miami at SuperFlight. Here, you will enjoy your day in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel to give you the most thrilling and memorable uplifting experience. All our flight experience takes only 40 minutes. When flying with SuperFlight, no previous experience is needed; customers just have to follow the instructor’s rules and guidance to have a positive and thrilling flying experience. Give it a try today and make your day more than special!

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